Great Fall Leaf Viewing near Montrose Square Apartments

Part 3 of 3

In our last two posts, we talked about great leaf viewing trips to Northern Michigan and Central Indiana.  But how about seeing autumn’s beauty closer to our home in Montrose Square Apartments?

Sure, there are two local routes I always enjoy driving during the fall. As you head out of Montrose Square, turn right and head North up St. Joe Road.  When you come to the traffic signal at Mayhew Road, you have two options.  For a short trip, go straight, and turn left at the next traffic light at Maplecrest Rd.  This will take you through a mainly wooded part of town that goes along the St. Joseph River.  For a little longer trip along the river, turn left on Mayhew, and follow that to State Road 1 and turn right.

The bonus on this drive is the covered bridge in Spencerville.  It’s not well marked but not hard to find.  When you come into Spencerville, the road makes a big wide left turn.  Watch for the street signs along the right side of State Road One.  Turn Right on Mill St, and follow that through a local neighborhood, and then across the covered bridge.  Once over the bridge, turn right and you can loop back to State Road One, and get a great view of the bridge at the same time.  Follow State Road One to St. Joe.    Here, the road turns into just another county road through the cornfields, but if you want to follow it just a little longer, you’ll pass the Sechlar Pickle Factory on your left.  Tours are given during the day Monday through Friday, and on Saturday Morning.

Another nice river route goes Southwest along the Wabash River.  Head out to I-69 and go South until you get to the US24 intersection  You’ll go through the west side of Huntington before going down a great big hill toward a traffic signal where US24 makes a right turn, and State Road 9 goes straight ahead.  Stay on State Road 9, go over the Wabash River Bridge, and turn right just after the bridge on to River Road.  River road is a winding two land road that follows the Wabash through some scenic country until you get to Andrews, IN.  From there, you can loop back by going north over the Wabash, and then East on US 24.

Want to see leaves, but really save on gas?  From your Montrose Square Apartment home, simply walk across St Joe Road and take a walk around Shoaf Park.  Or, take a short drive down St Joe Road to the IPFW Campus.  IPFW has grown a lot over the past several years, and has a real college campus feel about it.  You can even walk over the river on a pedestrian suspension bridge.  Take advantage of the fact that Montrose Square Apartments are so close to IPFW, and take a fall walk around campus.

We’ve talked about some great places to watch autumn’s big show.  Now, feel free to add some or your suggested foliage trips on our Facebook Page.  And remember, when you see the leaves falling, don’t dispare, you don’t have to rake them becauseyou live in Montrose Square Apartments!

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