The 5 Best Dog Breeds for Apartments

Thinking of raising a dog in your apartment? Get ready to do some research!

Sure, we all know that size matters — both when it comes to the dog and the apartment. However, there are plenty of other factors to consider. For starters, your new friend shouldn’t be too noisy, active, needy, or a breed that tends to bark a lot.

This is a lot to keep in mind, and most breeds check at least a few of these boxes. Need some help finding the right dog for your space and lifestyle? Here are the 5 best dog breeds for apartments.

1. French Bulldog

For a large percentage of New Yorkers, the French bulldog is the ideal apartment dog — and New York apartments are small so we’ll take their advice! Other than being small and cute, they’re known for their playful disposition, which makes them great with kids. Plus, they don’t bark a lot.

The only notable disadvantage with this breed is that they hate extreme temperatures. This is particularly true for heat, which they despise. If you’re planning on getting a Frenchie, make sure your AC unit is in good shape.

2. Greyhound

Tall and lanky, the greyhound may seem like it’s a lot to handle. Don’t let their build fool you, though, as they’re best known for their mellow demeanor. In most cases, a five-minute run-out is all they’ll need before going back to sleep.

Greyhounds don’t require a lot of grooming, they have a friendly personality, and they’re smart and easy to train. Due to their independent nature, they work best in one-pet families.

Need a smaller version for your apartment? Whippets have a lot of the same characteristics as their larger counterparts but in a smaller package.

3. Basenji

Want a dog who won’t bother your neighbors? Consider the Basenji, a small, short-haired African hunting dog and one of the oldest known breeds of domesticated dogs. They’re often referred to as “barkless dogs,” but they do vocalize in other ways.

The Basenji has various cat-like tendencies, such as grooming itself. They’re loyal, protective, and don’t shed a lot. They do have a high activity level, so get ready for frequent walks around the apartment community to keep them happy.

4. Great Dane

If you’re into big apartment-friendly dogs, you can’t go wrong with a Great Dane. Despite their lean stature, they don’t need a lot of exercises. Once they find their favorite couch, they’ll be more than happy to spend the day lounging on it.

Much like greyhounds, Great Danes are gentle giants. Their loving temperament and personality make them a great fit with other pets and children.

5. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies are small in size, but big in personality. Originally bred for chasing vermin, they remain as feisty and affectionate as ever. Due to lacking an undercoat of fur, the Yorkie doesn’t shed as much as most other breeds.

The main thing to watch out for with Yorkies is that they think they’re bigger than they are. Given their territorial nature, this often leads to them fighting bigger dogs. Needless to say, that seldom ends well for them.

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As you can see, you have plenty of options at your disposal. All these breeds are well suited to apartment living, so it’s all about making an educated choice. Before settling for a dog, make sure it’s the right fit for your sensibilities and always check with your apartment community on their accepted pet breeds and sizes.

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