5 Best Father’s Day Gifts for Apartment Living

fathers day gift ideas for apartment dads

Father’s Day is almost here! If you haven’t figured out what to give dear ol’ dad yet, we’re here to help Instead of buying him socks or a tie again this year, why not consider getting him something to use in his apartment?

The best Fathers Day gifts are often those useful home gadgets that your dad wouldn’t think to buy for himself. Unique homewares and accessories also make good gifts for dad, especially if his apartment is looking a little bare.

Whether your dad is a music lover, a whiskey fan, or a barbecue wizard, there are plenty of great gifts he’s sure to love. Keep reading for some great Father’s Day gift ideas.

1. Portable Speaker

Does your dad love indulging his passion for retro tunes in the car? Giving your dad a Bluetooth speaker for Father’s Day will allow him to take his music anywhere. Thanks to their amazing sound quality, wireless design, and portability, these are the go-to solution for anyone looking to take their home sound system into the 21st century or into the bath, bedroom, patio, or anywhere else he desires.

2. Recycled Record Decor

Another way to surprise a music-loving father is with a unique gift made from recycled vinyl records. Choose from bookends made from real records, upcycled coasters from old vinyls, or a personalized framed record with a custom message.

Or for a special touch, you could always make your own recycled record decor. Check out second-hand record stores to see if you can get your hands on one of your dad’s favorite albums to transform into a DIY gift.

3. Craft Beer Candles

Your dad might not be into aromatherapy, but we bet he’d appreciate a set of all-natural candles inspired by the scents of craft beer.

Packaged in reclaimed bottles, these original gifts are a unique and thoughtful way to surprise your dad this Father’s Day. And, with stout, lager, and IPA-inspired candles to choose from, your dad’s home will be filled with the best notes of his favorite brew.

4. Whiskey Set

If your dad’s more of a whiskey fan, treat him to a classy set of sea stones to ensure his scotch is always chilled to perfection.

And, as a way to keep with the theme, combine these with a set of glasses etched with a map of his favorite US city — Fort Wayne! With these great Fort Wayne glasses and whiskey set, he’s sure to drink to you and your great gift ideas every time he settles down with a nightcap.

5. Barbecue Equipment

If you’re looking to go all out with your dad’s Father’s Day gift, how about a full set of barbecue equipment?

We’re talking an electric grill for his apartment patio, some reclining patio chairs, and a full set of stainless steel BBQ tools. This way you can guarantee yourself a tasty barbecue next time you visit your dad’s place.

Unique and Thoughtful Fathers Day Gifts

As these Fathers Day gift ideas show, buying your dad a unique and thoughtful item to use in his apartment is a great way to surprise him while also giving him something he’s sure to use.

And the look on his face when he opens a gift that isn’t socks will be more than worth the extra effort of picking out the perfect Father’s Day gift.

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