5 Common Apartment Cleaning Tips to Kill Germs and Viruses

With COVID-19 and flu and cold season upon us, keeping your apartment clean and sanitized is very important. With our busy work and life schedules though, it can be difficult to create a routine cleaning schedule for apartment. Luckily, it’s easy to keep harmful germs and viruses out of your space with these 5 apartment cleaning tips to keep your home clean and safe! 

1. Keep Cleaning Supplies Accessible

Before you can do any serious cleaning, you’ll need to have all your tools ready. In order to maintain a regular cleaning schedule and be a tidy tenant, you should keep your supplies handy.

Stashing your cleaning supplies in an accessible cupboard or closet is ideal. They’re out of sight but easy to grab if you need to clean up a mess or do a quick dusting.

The fewer supplies you have on hand, the less likely you are to clean. Make sure you have a little bit of everything—general disinfectant, sponges, gloves, bleach—to get you through your next deep clean.

2. Two-in-One: Dusting and Vacuuming

If you suffer from allergies, you know how critical it is to keep a dust-free house. Your apartment is no exception, and you can knock the dust out with a dusting and vacuuming combo.

Plenty of people dust their furniture and ceiling fans from time to time. However, without a follow-up vacuuming, the dust just settles on the ground. Frequent dusting and vacuuming are important, as airborne viruses can travel on dust and particles in the air.

3. Hit High-Contact Points

Every day apartment cleaning tips are often overlooked, but they’re important! You won’t always have time to do a full-cleaning.

If you want to do quick cleaning each day, focus on high-contact points in your home. These are spots that you’re constantly touching and using. For example, it’s wise to wipe down doorknobs and cabinet handles, as well as stove knobs and light switches. Other high contact points include remote controls, computer keyboards, and faucets.

4. Apartment Cleaning Tips for the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the apartment to keep clean. By letting dirty dishes build up in the sink, you’re creating a breeding ground for nasty bacteria.

Keeping your kitchen clean is as easy as loading dirty utensils in dishwashers, washing pots and pans immediately after use, and changing out your drying towels frequently.

Be sure to also keep food scraps and waste in the garbage. The last thing you want is to attract critters like mice, who can be carriers of diseases and viruses.

5. Keep Yourself Safe

In order to protect yourself from anything harmful, it’s important to clean safely. When cleaning, be sure to always use disposable or reusable gloves. If using reusable gloves, clean them properly before storing them away. After taking off your gloves, wash your hands thoroughly.

It’s wise to also use a mask while cleaning. You want to avoid breathing in any dust, as well as an excess of your cleaning materials.

Staying Healthy and Well

Keeping your apartment clean is crucial in order to stay healthy. The apartment cleaning tips above will help you stay healthy as you make your new apartment your home.

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