The 5 Essential Apartment Decor Pieces You Need

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It’s a good time to be a renter in America, and even more so in Fort Wayne, the country’s cheapest place to live.

Time was, the dream of every young person was to get married and buy a home as soon as they entered adulthood. In fact, home ownership is at a 50-year low, despite the fact that the housing market has bounced back from its late-2000s crash. More and more, though, the under 30 crowd is putting off that decision till later.

Apartment Decor Makes a House a Home

Part of it is the freedom, financially and geographically, that comes with renting, but they also enjoy the sense of community they get from being part of a whole. Renting is no longer just a place for you and your stuff: thanks to designer apartment decor, the modern renter has learned how to make a rental a real home.

Here are five essential pieces of apartment decor that are inexpensive, make a statement — and can be packed at a moment’s notice!

1. The Wall of Art

Posters, prints, and artwork can transform any blank space into a personal statement, and chances are you’ll have at least one giant blank wall in even a studio apartment.

Design experts say a series of small pieces that complement each other in some way is better than one large painting. Make sure the frames compliment each other as well.

Turn one whole side of your apartment into a gallery and watch visitors take notice.

2. Custom Lighting Fixtures

Your apartment or condo can come with any type of lighting: modern or classic, minimal or ornate. Guess what? You don’t have to be shackled by it. Use a series of smaller lights — lamps, pendants, sconces, lanterns, track lighting, even candles — to create a warm and inviting mood.

You can even experiment with replacing fixtures on the lights that are already installed… just make sure you know your landlord’s rules before changing anything.

3. Green Solutions

No, not eco-friendly ones — although those are fine, too. We’re talking about cleaning the air the old-fashioned way, with living plants. Hanging ferns make any apartment feel more lived-in, but don’t ignore some other less standard options, like the baby cactus on your countertop or the imposing rubber plant in your foyer.

4. Mirror Magic

Mirrors are not only cheap ways to spruce up a dull wall, hallway, or door. They also help make your apartment seem and feel bigger and more inviting! Experiment with different types of glass (marbled, painted) and also with the frames themselves, which are as adaptable and distinctive as any painting.

Reclaim an antique find, or have one custom made for any room in the house.

5. The Signature Piece

Minimalism is usually the rule these days when it comes to apartments, but nothing says you can’t have one conversation starter.

A chaise lounge, a reupholstered loveseat, a series of designer ottomans, or a handcrafted coffee table complete with interesting books… one, and usually only one, signature piece and your main room will draw the eye in and claim the apartment as your space.

Stylish Apartment Decor: The Modern Renter’s Secret

You too can join the movement and create your own small but functional home inside an apartment.

No mortgage or housing bubbles to worry about, plus all the creature comforts of a real home… apply here today and then get to work personalizing your new digs!

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