5 Unique Bedroom Storage Ideas for Your Rented Apartment

Americans have filled over 36 million square feet of self-storage units. And that number continues to rise as we buy more naturalistic items than we have space for. If you’re already paying rent, why pay for a storage area too? Instead, get rid of what you don’t need then take advantage of the available storage space in your apartment bedroom. 

Here are five unique bedroom storage ideas to help you make the most of your apartment’s space.

1. Take Advantage of Space Under the Bed

One of the most underused spaces in your bedroom is under your bed. Instead of shoving dirty clothes under your bed when you have guests come over, utilize this bedroom storage space wisely. Use this space to store your off-season clothing. Purchase some clothing vacuum storage bags to make room in your closet without taking up a lot of space under the bed. You can also use these bags for spare sheets, towels, and blankets. 

Consider other storage bins for your less frequently used items. Then use a bed skirt to hide all of this storage away.

2. Find Several Uses for Furniture

One of the best small bedroom storage ideas is finding several uses for your bedroom furniture. Instead of a simple bedside table, invest in a nightstand with drawers. Use the top of your dresser as a vanity to store your accessories and makeup.

Like the look of an ottoman or bench at the end of your bed? Make sure it has storage space inside. 

3. Use Closet Organizers

If you’ve already downsized your belongings and still need more storage space, try using closet organizers. Make sure you are taking advantage of all the space in your closet by using shelving in addition to hanging space. An organized closet allows you more storage space and helps keep everything easy to find. 

4. Try a Wardrobe Wall or Rolling Closet

Looking for small bedroom hacks for storage space? Try a wardrobe wall or rolling closet. Wardrobe walls and rolling closets allow you to store your clothing outside of your closet. Rolling closet racks are best if you have a small wardrobe that won’t clutter your bedroom area. Wardrobe walls work well if you have a lot of clothes that are best hidden behind doors or in drawers. 

When you free up your closet, you can use that as a large storage space. 

5. Organize Drawers and Shelves

Drawer and shelf organization is another DIY bedroom storage solution. Take the time to learn how to properly fold your clothes to maximize space. You’ll be surprised how much more space you have when your clothes are properly folded. 

Use dividers and storage boxes to keep things other than clothes organized. There are plenty of storage box designs these days to fit with every bedroom decor. 

Beyond Bedroom Storage Ideas

Now that you know all about the best bedroom storage ideas, it’s time to discover storage space in the rest of your apartment. Check out this article for ways to make extra kitchen storage space. 

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