6 Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following For Apartment Decor Inspiration

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If you live in an apartment, you’ll understand some of the challenges of decorating a smaller space so that it doesn’t look completely overcrowded. After all, there is a fine line between décor and what begins to look like clutter, especially if your apartment is on the smaller side.

According to RentCafe, the average size of most apartments across the United States sits at around 882 square feet. While this may not seem like a whole lot of space, there are plenty of creative ways to decorate. All you need is some inspiration.

Check out these incredible Instagram accounts and fill your feed with apartment décor inspiration.

Apartment Décor Inspiration Is Just a Follow Away

Instagram is an amazing platform for finding the motivation you need to do just about anything. And when it comes to decorating your apartment, there are far too many aesthetically mind-blowing accounts to mention them all. This being said, there are a few key accounts in the apartment décor category that are worth exploring:

1. @champagneandsequins

If you’re a city slicker, this is one of the best accounts to follow for chic apartment design inspiration. However, you don’t have to live in New York to learn a few tips from @champagneandsequins (whose real name is Disi Fei, by the way).

Her apartment is small, but she has a way of making it feel spacious, yet cozy, and oh-so-elegant all at once. She has an amazing eye for detail and implements super simple design principles. If you prefer an understated yet chic apartment interior, this is the account for you.

2. @citychicdecor

As the handle suggests, this is yet another account worth following if you love big city life.

Chelsey Brown has decorated her New York apartment to be a bright and inviting representation of your personality. She has utilized the little space she has in a smart and stylish way — and you better believe it’s impeccably on-trend.

3. @kerrylockwood

London is yet another beautiful and inspiring big city, and it’s also packed with apartment dwellers. Kerry is a wizard at decorating her small space and has perfectly curated each room for an intimate and cozy home.

In fact, you’d never say her apartment was on the small side. She uses light, greenery, and bright simple pieces to liven up her space.

4. @hothouse.jungle

Straight out of story-book San Francisco, @hothousejungle is exactly as it sounds — an indoor plant lover’s dream. If you need studio apartment inspiration and how to bring a little more greenery into your life, this account is it.

5. @thecrapflat

As an ode to the apartment itself, @thecrapflat showcases how to overhaul and decorate a space that would otherwise be, well, crap.

Emma Hopkinson has dubbed her apartment as a ”stubbornly crap rented flat” but does a great job of making it look otherwise! Follow this account if you prefer minimalist décor, hints of color, and intentional use of space.

6. @justbeingkatherine

If you are bound by a design budget, @justbeingkatherine is your go-to girl for DIY décor ideas. Some of her tips include simple painting projects, how to host multiple people in a small space, and so much more.

Her style is fresh, bright, and feminine, and includes plenty of greenery, too!

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