6 Tips on Making Space for Babies in Your Apartment

Nothing will change your life quite like welcoming a baby into the family. Many people sheltering at home for the past few months are now expecting a baby. This can be a bit of a problem if your apartment is only big enough for your current family. Welcoming a new addition may take some creativity to make space in your apartment until you’re ready to upgrade to a larger space.

Need help? Check out these six tips for making space for babies in your apartment.

1. Get Rid of Clutter

>Before the baby even shows up on the scene, it’s time to cast a critical eye over your possessions. Now, you don’t want to get rid of everything you love, but Marie Kondo’s rules apply. If you can identify an item as clutter with no clear purpose or sentimental worth, it might be time to donate it.

2. Every Surface is a Changing Surface

When space is at a premium, practicality wins out. Any stable surface can be a fine baby changing station in a pinch. Simply cover it with a changing pad or portable changing station to protect both it and the baby, and get to work. This is the perfect old-fashioned solution to modern problems and is exactly what generations did before dedicated baby changing units were a thing.

3. Go Vertical

Going vertical is a true lifesaver in small spaces. When you think about it, there’s a surprising amount of unused floor-to-ceiling space even in small apartments.

Shelves, bookcases, and other tall storage options can free up a lot of floor space by increasing your vertical storage. It’s a cheap and effective way to make room for another occupant, whether it’s a baby or a new pet.

4. Double Up

Another excellent space-saver is to find double-function solutions. A bed that transforms into a couch could free up an entire room, turning a dedicated bedroom into the perfect nursery—and that’s just the most dramatic example. You can also buy beds, TV stands, chairs, and many other items of furniture with built-in storage, which is another perfect way to put them to work.

5. Fold It

Foldable furniture does more than transform itself—it also transforms the space it’s in. Replacing a few items of furniture with folding equivalents can turn one small home into several modular ones. You can then switch between them at need. A fold-up desk or couch can disappear to make space for play.

6. The Couch of Refuge

Every parent needs a break from baby duties now and then. Adding a sofa that can double up as a spare bed in a pinch will make it possible for one of you to take a break when it all gets too much. This brief respite can be a godsend after endless sleepless nights.

That respite could improve your energy levels, reduce tensions, and lift your mood. Not bad for a single item of furniture.

Making Space for Babies

With these six tips, you can make space for babies in a small apartment. It’s amazing how much space goes to waste so it’s all about looking at things with fresh eyes.

If you’ve tried to make it work but still need more space, it might be time to look for a larger apartment. Check out our apartments for rent.

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