Advice For First Time Renters

If you’re moving  into your first apartment, you may be in for a few surprises.   Toilet paper, for example.  Landlords don’t provide this staple of modern life, and it’s doubtful the last tenant left you any either.  It’s just one example of things we get used to having at home that we won’t find on day one in our new apartment.

There are a few other items you should probably pick up at the store before you officially move in.

Cleaning Products.  It’ always good to clean the apartment before you bring in all of your things. Go ahead, look in the closet.  You won’t find paper towels and cleaning products like Mom always had there.  A broom and dustpan would help, and you won’t realize you have no dish washing detergent until you try to wash dishes for the first time.

Kitchen Essentials.  And speaking of dishes, you probably don’t have any.  You don’t have a can opener either, but you won’t know that until the time comes when you have to open a can.  Minimum kitchen needs are a skillet, a saucepan, a spoon and thatcan opener.  Use paper or plastic dishes, cups, and silverware to get started, then check with family members to see what spare dishes they may be willing to donate before buying new.

Bedding.  Maybe you’re bringing your old mattress from your previous home, but if not, you’ll need a mattress, bed frame, sheets, and blankets.   One bit of advice, don’t go cheap here and buy a used mattress.  Buy a new one, and get a good one.  You’ll be spending a third of your life on it.

Personal Care Items, such as shampoo, conditioner, and hand soap.  Don’t forget towels as well. Sorry, but an apartment is not a Hotel and you won’t find little bottles of soap or shampoo, or even toothpaste when you move in.

One other important item often overlooked until it gets dark outside are light bulbs. You may have overhead lights, or your own lamps.  Either way, check out your lighting situation before sundown.  Bring a flash light, too.

Unless you’ve called ahead, you won’t have cable TV or internet service either on move in day.  Explore the area to find the nearest coffee shop with free WiFi unless you can go a few days without e-mail.

So, if this is your first apartment, start the move in process early in the day, and plan to make a few trips to the store for all of those items you always took for granted, but won’t find in your new apartment.  If you have any questions, we’ll be glad to help you out.  Just visit the Montrose Square Apartments office, or give us a call.

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