Apartment Living: Being a Good Neighbor

Won’t you Be My Neighbor?

being a good apartment neighbor

There are so many reasons to love apartment life. No mowing or shoveling snow, a maintenance staff to take care of things when problems arise, affordable rent, flexibility, and no property taxes! Another great thing about apartment living is that a great neighbor could be just on the other side of the wall! If you live in an apartment, you are in an ideal situation to meet some great people and maybe even a friend or two! In order to get the most out of apartment life, follow these tips for being a good neighbor, and maybe your neighbors will follow suit!

1. Get to Know Your Neighbors

Sometimes it can be easy to go about your day without putting too much thought into your neighbors. But if you don’t put in an effort to get to know your neighbors, you could be missing out on some great opportunities. Next time you see your neighbors, say hi – introduce yourself or maybe even invite them over for coffee, dinner, or a game night!

2. Keep the noise down

Be sure to show your neighbor some basic neighborly etiquette. Whether in front of your apartment or in it, be sure not to be too keep the noise to a minimum – especially at night. Sound travels so be mindful about your TV, radio, or company. Remember, if you don’t want to hear your neighbors, they more than likely don’t want to hear you either.

3. Be courteous

If you see a neighbor carrying a heavy item, assist them. If you have any elderly neighbors, be sure to be considerate of their needs as well. Help them carry in groceries. In those particularly cold winters, take a few minutes in the morning to scrape the ice off of their cars.

Some other ways to be a considerate neighbor include:

  • Cleaning up after your pet
  • Parking only in your approved parking spot
  • Smoking only in approved smoking areas
  • Being mindful of “shared laundry room etiquette”

By following these guidelines, you will certainly enjoy your life at Montrose Square Apartments in Fort Wayne. Who knows, you might even make some friends while you’re at it!

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