Apartment Tour Checklist: 5 Things to Look Out for When Renting

Are you searching for a new apartment? Whether your current lease is up or you’re hunting for your first apartment, finding the apartment that is right for you can take some time.

Before starting the apartment search, you need to decide what area of town you want to live. Then do some research to see if there are any apartment communities that fit within your budget. Once you narrow down the list, consider things like commute time to your job, family, and other favorite locations.

Now that you have your top apartments narrowed down, create an apartment tour checklist. It’s easy to get caught up with the aesthetics and overlook important details. On this list, outline everything you should look for while touring each community.

Keep reading for our top five items that should be on everyone’s apartment tour checklist.

1. Security Should Top Your Apartment Tour Checklist

When you go for your apartment tour, don’t wait until you get into the unit to check the apartment security. From the moment you approach the community you should be checking to see how safe the area is.

Do you feel comfortable driving to the community or do you feel the need to lock your car doors? If you don’t feel secure driving to the community, you won’t feel secure living in it.

In the community, look around to see if there’s sufficient lighting, especially near apartment entrances.

Once in the apartment make sure that all doors and windows lock properly. Even if a community is safe, you’ll always want to keep everything secure.

2. Are There Signs of Water Damage?

Water damage can be a big problem. Check the ceilings and walls for water damage. The apartment inspection checklist should also include the condition of carpeting.

Flooring tells you a lot about leaks. If the unit you’re considering has loose tiles or deteriorating carpet it could be a sign of a leaking tub, sink, or air conditioner.

3. Do Appliances Work?

Knowing what to look for in an apartment will require more than listening to the leasing agent. Don’t shy away from turning on the stove burners or heating the oven. See if the microwave works and if the refrigerator and freezer are cooling.

4. Is There Good Water Pressure?

While you’re in the kitchen turn on the water. Make sure the water gets hot and there is enough water pressure. Do the same in each bathroom.

5. Test the HVAC System

Regardless of the season, test both the cooling and heating systems. If the AC or heater isn’t already running, ask the agent to show you how to work the thermostat.

Are You Ready to Rent?

An apartment tour checklist can help you have a positive rental experience. If you uncover a problem, talk with the agent to see if it can be resolved before your move-in date.

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