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2020’s Best New Year’s Resolutions for Your Apartment

Now that the new year has arrived, it’s time to come up with some new year’s resolutions that will improve your life. If you rent an apartment, don’t forget to set some resolutions for your apartment too! There are several … Continue reading

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7 Autumn Apartment Decorating Ideas That You’ll Fall in Love With in 2019

Fall is in the air and soon you’ll be enjoying beautiful foliage, cooler weather, apple cider, and pumpkin spice everything. Ask around and chances are your friends and family will identify fall as their favorite season, and for good reason! … Continue reading

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5 Best Restaurants in Fort Wayne for a Spectacular Night Out

Fort Wayne may be known as the city of churches, but we’re also known for our diversity in dining establishments. If you want to visit Fort Wayne or rent an apartment, then you are likely curious about the best places to … Continue reading

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The Top Christmas Decorations Ideas to Get Your Apartment Ready for the Holidays

For some of us, Christmas starts the day after Thanksgiving (or the day after Halloween, if you’re feeling really festive). If this sounds like you, you may be on the hunt for the best Christmas decoration ideas. Decorating an apartment for the holidays … Continue reading

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Small Kitchen, Big in Flavor: 5 Kitchen Appliances That Are Perfect for Apartments

Do you fancy yourself the next Food Network star? Like to pretend you’re on your own version of Chopped? If you live in an apartment with a small kitchen, you might think that you’re relegated to take-out and microwave meals, … Continue reading

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Rent Efficiently: Ways to Save Energy in an Apartment

Responsible apartment renters want to do whatever they can to keep costs down. While apartment living is already more affordable than owning a home, it’s still good to find ways to save energy which will not only help the planet, … Continue reading

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Apartment Tour Checklist: 5 Things to Look Out for When Renting

Are you searching for a new apartment? Whether your current lease is up or you’re hunting for your first apartment, finding the apartment that is right for you can take some time. Before starting the apartment search, you need to … Continue reading

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The 5 Best Dog Breeds for Apartments

Thinking of raising a dog in your apartment? Get ready to do some research! Sure, we all know that size matters — both when it comes to the dog and the apartment. However, there are plenty of other factors to … Continue reading

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What to Look For in an Apartment: a Short Guide for First-Time Renters

It reaches a point where you no longer have or want to live in your parent’s house. You now have to choose where to call home – your new home. Choosing your new home can be a daunting process. You … Continue reading

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Breathing It In: 5 Outdoor Activities for Nature Lovers in Fort Wayne

Did you just move to Fort Wayne and you don’t know where to go for a run? Or maybe you made a 2019 resolution to get outside more (and you’re sticking with it!)? Whatever your motivation for seeking out nature, … Continue reading

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