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The Top 5 Advantages of Living in an Apartment

Between 2006 and 2014, the number of renters grew from 39% to 43%. Although buying has always been associated with the American Dream, more people are choosing to rent. There are a number of reasons why living in an apartment … Continue reading

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Is it Cheaper to Own a Home or Rent an Apartment?

If you’re looking for a great new place to live, you’re likely debating the pros and cons of either investing in a house or finding apartments to rent. It can be a hard decision, after all, as both have their … Continue reading

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How to Make the Most of Your Apartment Spring Clean-Up

Who doesn’t love spring? We’re able to step outside again and breath in that fresh, warm air. Shades of green pop up, indicating it’s time to play volleyball in the park, instead of hibernate under the covers. With all this … Continue reading

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Apartment Upgrades: 4 Tips to Make Your Apartment Special This V-Day

While many people are distracted trying to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, they’re forgetting about the state of the place they’ll no doubt return to: their apartment. Whether you’re hosting your date at your apartment for a home-cooked meal … Continue reading

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6 Reasons to Rent Instead of Buy

Looking to move into your next home but not sure whether or not buying is for you? Did you know that there are now more US households occupied by renters than there has been in the past 50 years? Deciding … Continue reading

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5 Tips For Maximizing Your Small Living Spaces

Living in small spaces is something of a trend these days, as more people see the benefits of living the minimalist lifestyle. For instance, renting a smaller apartment is cheaper on multiple fronts. It typically comes with lower rent, reduced … Continue reading

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5 Money Saving Tips For Families in 2018

Budgeting is an extremely important part of having a functional and happy family. Expenses can be terrifying and stressful, and no parent wants those stresses to inadvertently fall on their children. If you’re looking to save more money this new … Continue reading

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The Complete Guide to Finding an Apartment

When you’re ready to look for a new place to call home, figuring out where to begin can be overwhelming. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to finding an apartment. You’ll have many choices to make along the way, regardless of your situation … Continue reading

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5 Things to Do in Fort Wayne, IN This Winter

It’s official, Winter has arrived! But don’t let the cold keep you inside. There’s plenty of Winter fun to be had in Fort Wayne. Don’t stay cooped up all Winter, get out and enjoy the season! Here are five great suggestions … Continue reading

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5 Holiday Decor Ideas for Small Spaces

If you’re ringing in the holiday season in an apartment this year, you may be wondering how you’re going to decorate. With less space, you’ll need to get creative with your decor choices. Otherwise, you’ll end up with an over-cluttered space … Continue reading

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