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The Ultimate Pre Vacation Checklist

You’ve counted down the days and your long-awaited vacation is finally here. But if you’re like most people, it seems every time you head out of town you realize you have missed something on your vacation checklist. Whether it is … Continue reading

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Top 5 Free Things to Do in Fort Wayne This Summer

Summertime is full of exciting events and possibilities to welcome in the warm air and sunshine. And, Indiana is no exception when it comes to fun summer opportunities. If you are planning on moving to or living in Fort Wayne, … Continue reading

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Refresh Your Space With These Great Indoor Plants for Apartments

There’s nothing like coming home after a long day to your own cozy apartment. From having a fully-stocked kitchen to make dinner with to being able to take a bath, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. The … Continue reading

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5 Tips For Throwing a Fun Summer Apartment Party

What’s the most exciting, memorable part of renting your place? Throwing a killer apartment party! Throwing a party in an apartment can be a great time – all you need is the right people, some great snacks, and fun activities. … Continue reading

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Why Two Bedroom Apartments for Rent Are Ideal for Newly Married Couples

If you’re a newlywed, chances are, you’re trying to cut back on expenses after spending so much on your wedding and honeymoon. But, learning how to combine finances and establish a joint budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your … Continue reading

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4 Tips to Help You Find Affordable Apartments for Rent

Are you searching for a new apartment? Not sure how to find an apartment you love at an affordable price? In this article, we’ll cover affordable apartments for rents, and how you can score a place you love at a … Continue reading

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5 Creative Storage Ideas For Your Living Room

Most of us struggle with having too much stuff, and not enough space. If you’ve chosen to live in an apartment instead of buying a home, you’ll enjoy a great amount of independence, but also might find yourself a little … Continue reading

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The Top 5 Advantages of Living in an Apartment

Between 2006 and 2014, the number of renters grew from 39% to 43%. Although buying has always been associated with the American Dream, more people are choosing to rent. There are a number of reasons why living in an apartment … Continue reading

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Is it Cheaper to Own a Home or Rent an Apartment?

If you’re looking for a great new place to live, you’re likely debating the pros and cons of either investing in a house or finding apartments to rent. It can be a hard decision, after all, as both have their … Continue reading

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How to Make the Most of Your Apartment Spring Clean-Up

Who doesn’t love spring? We’re able to step outside again and breath in that fresh, warm air. Shades of green pop up, indicating it’s time to play volleyball in the park, instead of hibernate under the covers. With all this … Continue reading

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