The Best Apartments in Fort Wayne Have These 5 Amenities

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What you buy when you rent an apartment is more than just a roof over your head. It’s a worry-free space. You know that when the heater goes out, there’s someone on hand to fix it. If the roof leaks, it’s not your responsibility. And you’ll always have a shoveled driveway in the winter.

People who rent instead of own a house do so because of the freedom it affords them. So, if you’ve decided to rent an apartment, you most likely have a list of pertinent amenities.

We’ve put together a list of what the best apartments in Fort Wayne can offer. Scroll further to find out.

1. The Best Apartments Keep Out the Heat (And The Cold)

Eastern Indiana summers are muggy and hot. If you’re stuck in a building that includes no air conditioning, you know what sleepless nights in Fort Wayne are like. Then the snow piles up and the late winter brings freezing rain. You really don’t want to brave those fridged northern winters without a furnace.

Fortunately, apartments exist that include an HVAC machine in every unit. And the most you’ll be responsible for is a filter every few months (maybe).

2. Take Out the Trash But Let The Robot Do the Dishes

While it would be nice if the best apartments included some sort of robot maid, we’re just not there yet. But they do include the next best thing. Dishwashers. Dishwashers aren’t a guaranteed amenity in every apartment community. Sometimes you have to do your own dishes. If you’re not the type to own only one set of dishes per individual, then dishes pile up quickly in the sink.

And, if you dislike having to drive across town to do your laundry, you’ll want to search for an apartment with a washer and dryer in the unit or at least a coin-operated unit within the community.

3. The Pets Deserve a Place Too

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a place that will let you keep your pet tiger. But a small cat or dog doesn’t do much damage. And besides, they won’t eat the neighbors if they escape. The best apartments understand this. And despite a small pet fee, you’ll be much happier if your little puffball doesn’t have to go stay with your aunt for the next few years.

In fact, residents who keep pets tend to be happier individuals.

4. Emergency Maintenance At All Hours

When a pipe bursts and your bathroom is flooded, you can’t wait until the next morning. And it would be disastrous for the owners of your building if a fix waited until dawn. This is why it’s extremely important you pick an apartment complex that offers 24-hour emergency maintenance. You’re paying good money to live in an apartment. The least they could do is fix your emergency maintenance situation.

5. A Place to Store Your Things

Many apartments don’t have closets or storage space. If you don’t have a place to put your things, where do they go? In your car? The best apartments include some sort of storage facility.

Our apartments include an attic storage space along with plenty of closets. If you’re looking for an apartment with all these amenities and more, contact us for information on how to apply.

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