Chew on This : The 8 Best Vegetables for Container Gardening on Your Patio

Growing your own food isn’t only a thing for those who live in expansive countrysides or people with huge backyards, they can be for people who live in the city as well as in apartment communities. 

Transform your patio into your new favorite farmer’s market with these 8 best vegetables for container gardening that are easy, fresh, delicious, and just right outside your door.

1. Tomatoes 

Growing tomatoes is surprisingly easy. All you need for tomatoes to grow healthy are big containers and staking. Tomatoes are heavy and can cause the vines to break and bend. Give them a little extra support with a tomato cage.

Tomatoes need full sun to thrive and do not like the cold. They also need moist soil so keep on watering them. It is also important that you keep pets away from this plant because the leaves are toxic to animals. 

2. Carrots  

Think you can’t grow gardens in a container? Sure you can! A long deep container is perfect for growing carrots.

Carrots prefer cool weather and moist soil. If carrots are not watered often, you can risk dried out roots that are susceptible to cracking. Carrots can handle only partial sun and a pot that is at least 12 inches deep is required. 

3. Spinach 

Spinach grows fast and it remains small so it is a perfect plant to grow for those who live in smaller spaces like an apartment. 

After about a month to a month and a half, spinach should be ready to eat. Spinach prefers cooler weather so it is a good option for fall or spring. 

4. Lettuce 

Lettuce is another great option for container gardening on your patio and will regrow once cut.

Go for a pot that is more wide than deep and make sure to leave up to four inches of space in between each of the lettuce plants. Soil should be slightly moist at all times so watering it often is key to a healthy plant. 

5. Peppers 

Peppers can thrive in pots and containers, all they need is a warm and sunny environment to grow strong with a pot that is a minimum of 12 inches deep. 

6. Peas 

Peas are a low maintenance crop that can be grown in a small pot. They are perfect plants for those who have a mini garden in an apartment balcony. Frequent watering is necessary to keep the soil moist and a sunny spot is ideal. 

7. Cucumbers 

Cucumbers need lots of water and lots of container space. You will need a large pot and a sunny spot for these plants to thrive. 

Growing cucumbers vertically helps bring in more airflow to avoid fungus that usually grows on the crop when planted horizontally in the ground. Growing them vertically also allows the cucumbers to get more sun and grow larger and healthier than they usually would. 

For very limited spaces, try a pickle bush that grows smaller pickle-size cucumers in a bush shape instead of vining out.

8. Eggplants 

Eggplants can be an easy crop to grow if you keep them fully exposed to the sun and if you live in a warm climate. Eggplants can be susceptible to pests so keep an eye out and water it frequently. 

Now You Know the Best Vegetables for Container Gardening, Get Planting!   

Congratulations! Finding the best vegetables for container gardening was the first step, now you’re on your way to having an at-home garden.

As you can see, gardening isn’t only for those with ample space and huge backyards. You can plant various different vegetables in a small amount of space and avoid frequent trips to the grocery store.  


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