Compare around the US to see what a Great Deal You Get at Montrose Square Apartments

US Dollar symbolWhile here at Montrose Square Apartments, our rent for a one bedroom apartment starts at $369.00, the average rent across the country is about $1,231 per month.

Most Midwestern medium size cities, like Fort Wayne, IN, offer fairly affordable rents, but there are a few exceptions.  For example, consider cold, frozen Williston, North Dakota.  What do you think you’d pay for a one bedroom apartment in this city of 18,532 people?  $200 a month?  $800 a month, or $2,400 a month?

If you went with the third choice, or $2,400 a month, you’d be right, that’s if you can even find a vacancy.  Williston, it seems, is smack in the middle of our nation’s newest oil patch.  The oil boom needs far more workers than this small city can provide, so people are pouring into Williston and buying or renting any housing they can. Big paychecks from the oil companies help pay the rent which is now higher than New York (about $1500 for a one bedroom), LA ($1411 a month,) or even Boston ($1,537 a month for a one bedroom.)  Stats according to Apartment Guide.

Speaking of rent, don’t forget to take advantage of our rent discount program when you pay before the first of the month. Stop by the Montrose Square office for details.

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