Creative Ways to Keep Busy and Stay Sane During the COVID-19 Shelter in Place

The world is experiencing strange times with the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people are forced to stay at home with businesses and entertainment shut down.

It’s important to keep busy and stay active during a shelter-in-place order. Check out these different ways to have fun and happiness.

Read Books

Life can get in the way of simple pleasures. With a shut down in place for most of the country, you can get back to your reading list. 

Whether it’s non-fiction or a fantasy novel, books help keep our minds sharp. You can plant yourself in a reading nook, and knock off the reading list.

Virtual Tours

The world’s best entertainment venues have been closed to the public. While these actions are certainly understood, it’s still disappointing no one gets to go.

The good news is that you can still experience these sites via a virtual tour. From art museums to zoos and aquariums, many of these institutions have their websites set up to encourage learning and fun from a distance.

The San Diego Zoo has live cam feeds for people to see their favorite animals.


In some places, there is a lot of panic buying. People are nervous about going to the grocery store and being exposed to a possible infection. 

Try growing some of the foods you’d normally buy at the store. You’ll learn a valuable hobby and save some money during these unpredictable times.

Enjoy the added benefits of getting a workout while you maintain your garden. Build those muscles pulling weeds.

Keep Busy With Cleaning and Organizing 

This is your chance to do the best spring cleaning of your life. Not only do you want to make sure everything is disinfected, but you want to have your house and car ready for life after the virus.

Cleaning and organizing occupy time and gives you a desirable result. You might even have some fun finding an old picture or sweatshirt that brings back memories.

Don’t Forget to Feel Nature

While most businesses and entertainment are shut down, parks are still open for hiking and picnics. Get some exercise by going hiking in the nearest park.

The fresh air, sunlight, and movement will improve both your physical and mental health. It might seem wrong to be outside at a park when there’s a shelter-at-home order, but it’s perfectly safe if you take proper precautions.

Wear gloves on trails that have stones or handrails others will touch. It also helps to wear masks if you have any.

Finally, there will be other people in the parks. Make sure you are practicing proper social distancing to prevent spreading the virus. Parks that look crowded should be avoided until another day.

Lead a Healthy Life During Quarantine

Don’t let your mind or body waste away while you watch TV. Keep busy with these activities during quarantine to lead a healthy life.

If you’ve been affected by the COVID-19, please check out our resources for assistance.

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