Damage-Free Decorating: 5 Command Hook Hacks Perfect for Apartment Living

Over 43 million households are renter occupied. Many renters don’t personalize their living space for fear they’ll damage the walls. If you’re a renter, take heart. You can decorate damage free! All you need are Command damage-free hooks.

Command hooks are also great space savers. They’ll make your apartment tidy and efficient. Live in style with these Command hook hacks. And no more worries about damaging the walls.

1. Kitchen Hacks

Many apartments are short on kitchen counter space. If that’s true for your kitchen, try this easy hack. Use various-size Command hooks. Hang pans, strainers, and other cooking tools on the wall. It works even if the walls are tiled.

And don’t waste the space on the inside of the cabinet doors. Hang small hooks for measuring spoons and mixer attachments. Get creative for extra kitchen storage space.

2. Home Office Space Hacks

If you’re in an apartment, you might not have a dedicated office or craft room. No problem! Carve out a small work area using Command hooks.

Keep your smartphone in a clear Command caddy. Use another clear caddy for paperclips, pens, pencils, and rubber bands. Place two hooks with a dowel between them. Slide wrapping paper onto the dowel. Hang tape and scissors from the wall.

Using the walls saves floor and closet space and makes your room versatile.

3. Best Bathroom Hacks

There’s a Command hook for almost everything, including your hair dryer. If you need help in your tub, there are hooks with weight capacity up to 5 pounds.

Many apartment showers and tubs are small with nowhere to set your stuff except the floor. That makes cleaning a pain. But Command hooks work even in wet environments. Get your soap and other shower products off the floor. Command hooks stick to tile, fiberglass, and painted surfaces.

Use small hooks and turn them sideways on the inside of the sink cabinet door. Now you’ve got the perfect toothbrush holders. This keeps your toothbrushes clean and out of the way.

4. Two-For-One Hacks

Not sure what to do with all those necklaces and earrings? Use Command hooks! You’ll get a two-for-one hack when you hang your jewelry. No more tangled necklaces, and you get beautiful wall decor.

Do you have a gorgeous scarf collection? Place two hooks with a dowel between them. Hang your scarves on the dowel. This saves you closet space and looks great on the wall.

5. Entryway Hacks

Have a small entryway with no floor space? Use the walls without worry. Combine function and beauty using damage-free hooks.

Use Command picture-hanging hooks and hang your favorite poster or photo. Add a key rail so you’ll never lose your keys again. Throw in a picture ledge for mail and a small art piece.

And of course, don’t forget some large hooks for scarves, hats, and jackets.

Command Hook Hacks for the Perfect Apartment

Maximize space and show your style with these great Command hook hacks. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve got your leasing office’s approval.

No more worrying about damaged walls and unreturned security deposits. Best of all, it’s easy and fun. Don’t live in a bland space. Express yourself!

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