Declutter Your Life and Making Extra Cash


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Whether you’re moving into an apartment or just ready to declutter and make more space in your apartment, there’s ways to do both while making some extra spending cash!

Declutter Your Life

If you’re like most people, you’ve got drawers and cabinets and closets full of stuff you don’t even use! There’s nothing more satisfying than finally getting rid of unnecessary clutter. But, deciding what to get rid of and what to keep can sometimes be tough. A good rule of thumb is the one-month rule. Ask yourself: “Have I used this in the past month?” If the answer is no, then you probably don’t need it.

Sell Your Stuff

Giving your stuff away to the local Goodwill is great, but there’s also ways that you can make some money off of it.

Garage Sales Groups

Just because it’s way too cold to have a garage sale outside, doesn’t mean you can’t sell your stuff at garage sales online! Garage sale groups on Facebook are a great way to unload some of your old stuff and make some money.

Just do a Facebook search for “Garage Sale Fort Wayne” and you’ll find some great places to post your unwanted items for sale. Some of the groups have 2,000-9,000 people just wanting to see what you have! Here’s a few that we found:

Fort Wayne Online Garage Sale
Fort Wayne Online Garage Sales
Sell it! Fort Wayne Online Garage Sales
Fort Wayne Children and Baby Garage Sale
New Haven/Fort Wayne Area Garage Sale

Just be careful not to buy more than you’re selling!

Online Sites and Apps

Along with Facebook, there’s a wide variety of websites and apps dedicated to helping you sell your old stuff including:

Craigslist (Like Ebay, but for musical instruments) (will buy your electronics) (will buy back your old books)
Gone (Mobile App)
OfferUp (Mobile App)
LetGo (Mobile App)

If you’d rather cash in your stuff today, Fort Wayne also has lots of options for selling and trading your unwanted stuff including:

Pawn shops
Mega Replay – buys DVDs, video games, consoles, other electronics
Cellairis – buys phones, tablets, etc.
Half Price Books – buys books, CDs, DVDs
Wooden Nickel Records – buys CDs, Vinyl Records, etc.
Trading Cradles – Buy & sell baby stuff online

Sell Your Clothes

Are you guilty of having a closet full of clothes that you swear you’ll wear again someday? It’s time to ditch those old clothes for cold hard cash! Fort Wayne has a wide selection of businesses that will pay you for your in-style, gently worn clothes, including:

Clothes Mentor
Plato’s Closet
Once Upon a Child

After reading this article, we hope you’re able to successfully get rid of some of the non-essentials in your life and more importantly, put a little bit more money in your wallet. If you’re still looking for an apartment on the North side of Fort Wayne, we’d like to invite you take a look at Montrose Square Apartments. We’ve got some of the best apartments in Fort Wayne, all in a great location, and with some amazing amenities. You won’t find a better bang for your buck anywhere else!

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