Downsizing Tips for Moving into a Smaller Apartment

Living in a big home was once marketed as the ultimate American dream, but things have changed. Big homes are expensive, require a lot of upkeep, and aren’t always conducive to the kind of lifestyle we live today.

There are lots of benefits to setting up instead in a smaller apartment. It could be a more affordable option, particularly if want to live in the heart of the city. It can also be easier to clean and easier to decorate so that if feels cozy and personal.

Of course, moving into a smaller apartment does require downsizing your home. That can feel overwhelming, but if you know how to downsize, you’ll realize that it isn’t that daunting after all. It could actually end up being a refreshing process.

1. Go Room by Room

Downsizing your home can feel impossible if you’re thinking about it as a whole. It can be much more effective to focus on one room at a time. Tackling one room at a time will also help you feel like you’re making consistent progress, which can be a good motivator.

Pick a room to start in, like the living room, and create three clearly labeled boxes – one for everything you definitely want to keep, one for everything you can definitely throw away, and one for things you’re on the fence about.

Visually seeing all of your items sorted in this way will help you realize just how much you’re planning on bringing and whether or not you need to do a second round of editing.

2. Draw it Out

When you’re downsizing to an apartment, it’s possible that you won’t have room for all the furniture you might have had in your larger space. Mapping out your space ahead of time will help you get a better sense of what you have room for and how you want each room in your apartment to be laid out. Start by sketching a floor plan and then you can add in boxes to represent where your furniture will go.

Make sure your drawing is to scale and make sure you use pencil so you can move things around. Also keep in mind that less furniture can make a room look bigger, which is important.

3. Tune into Your Emotions

Eliminating items is never easy. There’s always that nagging sense that you’ll need something someday, and so throwing it away now would be a waste. That’s not a good reason to hold on to something though, especially not when you’re downsizing to an apartment.

Evaluate each item you own based on the emotional attachment–or lack thereof–you have to it. If it’s not something that immediately sparks joy or makes you happy or has sentimental value, then you probably won’t miss it once it’s gone.

Ready to Try These Downsizing Tips?

For many of us, renting an apartment makes more sense for our lifestyle than living in a large home. It requires less maintenance and upkeep and affords more flexibility. It also allows you to be more selective about the items you own.

At first, downsizing might seem difficult, but if you following these downsizing tips you’ll be ready for apartment living in no time.

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