Easy Autumn Home Decor Tips for Your Apartment

Do you love decorating for autumn? Living in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t make your home feel like fall. There are plenty of ways to decorate your space without breaking the bank or needing a ton of room.

Check out these easy autumn home decor ideas that are sure to get you in the spirit.

Make a Centerpiece

You don’t have to wait for a special evening to dress up your table. Adding a few seasonal touches to your tabletop can be the perfect change. The options are endless when it comes to autumn centerpieces.

You could take the floral route and make an arrangement that brings in the rich, bold hues of the season and the types of flowers that thrive in the cooler weather. Another option would be to make a centerpiece with small pumpkins or gords. Adding red or yellow apples around the center of the piece is also a fun and festive touch since it is their season after all. You can also add in pine cones or other rustic elements that invoke the cozy feeling of fall.

Decorate Your Door

Get a wave of autumn every time you or your guests enter the space. Decorating the area outside of your apartment is an ideal way to celebrate this time of year without making major changes inside your home. You can decorate with a beautiful fall wreath on the door and place pumpkins, gords and other garnishings around the base of your door. If you have more outdoor space like a balcony or porch, consider adding an outdoor chair.

It would be a nice touch since the weather will be cool and sitting outside with a warm drink and a good book is very inviting.

Bust out the Blankets

During the summer months, we usually swap out our heavy blankets and bedspreads for lighter layers. Your quilt has been hiding in the closet for months and the throw blankets you usually keep in the living room are in storage. Make the switch and bring them out. Just adding a few cozy folded blankets to your common space sends the message that the season is changing and it’s time to cuddle up. If you want to get even more festive, you can purchase blankets and throw pillows in your favorite fall shades.

Put It in the Air

One of the biggest sensations reminding us that fall is near is the change in smell. There are so many scents associated with fall, it’s easy to make that same shift in your home. Consider purchasing a seasonal air freshener or diffuser that will make the entire house smell delicious. Scents like apple cider, pumpkin and cinnamon have a nostalgic heir to them.

Baking is another way to get your home feeling like fall. Take any of the scents above and bake your favorite treat. The scent will waft through your home and you’ll be transported to the season right away. (Don’t forget to bring a sample to the leasing office for us to taste test!)

Autumn Home Decor Is at Your Fingertips

As you can see, you don’t need to make drastic changes to incorporate autumn home decor into your space. With a few simple changes and additions, you can have a festive and warm space that will make you feel cozy all season long.

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