How to Find the Perfect Apartment in Fort Wayne

Whether you’re moving across the county or to an entirely new state, you’ve got some research to do. Finding the right place to live is crucial to whether you’ll like your new city. 

You’ll want to start by considering which area of town you want to live in, then begin looking into apartment communities in that area. You’ll find a nice selection of facilities across the city to match every demographic. Let’s talk about how to find that perfect Fort Wayne apartment. 

Research, Research, Research

The web is how we all do business. You already turn to Google to find restaurants and stores, so why not a new apartment? Simply search “apartments in Fort Wayne”, “apartments in North Fort Wayne”, or “apartments near me” and you’ll come up with a lot of great options. Visit the different apartment community websites to view photos, tour their community, and get rental rates. 

Ask For Referrals

The best type of advertising is the one that’s done for free. Word-of-mouth travels far. People do not shy away from sharing any nightmare – or positive! – rental stories they’ve had. If you know anyone in the area or can get in contact with someone directly, start there. If not, there are a plethora of forums to provide you with insightful information. 

Again, a simple Google search can help you retrieve tons of reviews on a place. Look for communities with at least a 3.5.-4 star rating. Oh, and listen to the bad, too. 

If You Don’t Know, Go

The only way to truly get a feel for an apartment is to see it for yourself. It may seem like the greatest facility online, but be a total mess in person. 

When you’re in your research stage, don’t just limit yourself to one apartment. Make a list of several prospects you’re interested in checking out and then contact their leasing groups. Pay attention to how management handles your requests. If you notice they’re slow to respond or unfriendly, move on. This is a clear indicator of how they would treat you if you did sign a lease. Once you’re on your tour, make sure to ask about extra costs and to see all the amenities.

Find Your Perfect Fort Wayne Apartment

Moving is a stressful, yet exciting task, no matter where you’re coming from. You can guarantee a smooth transition by working with the right apartment community.

If you’re looking for a Fort Wayne apartment that goes beyond the ordinary, you’re in the right place. Montrose Square Apartments is nestled into a beautiful landscape setting near shops and the freeway. Contact us today to tour your new home! 

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