Fort Wayne Police Continue Crack Down on Apartment Crimes

fw police patchFort Wayne police continue to crack down on people suspected of committing a series of crimes at Fort Wayne area apartment communities starting last fall.  Yesterday, they made their second arrest.  Corey L. Harris, 21,  of the 1000 block of McKinnie Avenue, has been charged with preliminary charges of receiving stolen property and obstruction of justice.

Another man was arrested a few weeks ago and charged with two break ins.  However, police say they are looking for three more suspects in connection with these or other incidents.

In the mean time, please stay vigilant.  If you observe any suspicious activity, please report it immediately to the Fort Wayne Police.  If you notice any lights out in the parking lots or hallways, please report those right away to the Montrose Square management office.   Let’s all keep working together to keep our community safe.


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