Gifts to Help Celebrate their New Apartment

Do you know a family member or friend who is just about to move in to Montrose Square Apartments? You’d like to get them some type of house-warming present, but what’s the perfect gift for their new apartment. Fortunately, there are a lot of things people forget to buy for themselves when the move into their first apartment, and many of these things make practical, thoughtful gifts.

Sure, when you live at Montrose Square and have a really big problem, just call maintenance.  But what about things, like your computer, or your car. For these occasional projects, you need basic tools, like screw drivers and pliers. The Apollo Precision Tools DT9706P 39-Piece  General Tool Set on does the job for $25.00.

One of the best and most used presents I ever received was a big book showing how to fix basic things around the home. Where’s Dad Now That I Need Him?: Surviving Away from Home is a self-help book that anyone just starting out on their own needs to have. Again, available from for $16.95. By the way, there’s a companion book, Where’s Mom Now That I Need Her?: Surviving Away from Home , also available.  Give them both!

Before you went off on your own, and a button came off your coat, you simply asked Mom to take care of it. Kind of like with basic tools, people starting life in their new apartment often don’t have basic sewing tools either. The Singer 35 Piece Sewing Kit In Storage Box from is a gift for under $8 that will be highly appreciated by anyone moving into their first apartment.

A good flashlight is not only important when the power goes off, it’s quite useful to use when trying to see where to plug cables into the back of your TV, sound system or computer. The INOVA X5 Dual-Mode UV LED Flashlight with its Titanium body is so cool, you might just leave it out on the coffee table for visitors to admire. At $36, it’s a little pricey for a flashlight. But it’s way cooler than the $2.99 plastic flashlights you can get at Lowes. Available from, which also has a lot of other cool items.

Here’s a gift you should give to any family member or friend about to move into Montrose Square Apartments, and you should give them this right now. It’s the Medique 40061 61 Piece First Aid Kit. This is a gift that could save a life, or just seem like a life saver when they’re looking for an aspirin one morning.  $12.99 at Northern Tool.

Just think of thing you usually take for granted that anyone just starting out would probably not have.


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