Home Fragrance Design: How Aromatherapy Can Turn an Apartment Into a Refuge

Renting an apartment might make the apartment your home on paper, but that doesn’t mean it truly feels like home. No matter how manicured that apartment is, it doesn’t feel like home until it feels like a welcoming and refreshing place to come back to after a long day.

Some of that comes with time and with customizing your decor. However, another simple addition can go a long way: fragrance design.

Tips for Your Apartment’s Aromatherapy Fragrance Design

When most people hear “comfort,” they think of the sense of touch. Your sense of smell is an unsung hero when it comes to feeling comfortable, though. Find out how these aromatherapy scents can help you make the most of every room in your apartment.

Aromatherapy for Warm and Welcoming Spaces

Your living room is a place of refuge where you can recover from a long day of work and take time for yourself. If you’re having a hard time creating that comforting atmosphere, try rosemary scents.

The smell of rosemary has a relaxing, stress-reducing effect. Unlike some other relaxing scents, it won’t necessarily put you to sleep, though. It tends to make us feel connected with nature, which is a refreshing and invigorating feeling.

Aromatherapy for Productive Spaces

In some areas of your apartment, relaxation isn’t the goal. If you work from home you’ll want a more productive space. The same often goes for the apartment kitchen, where many people do paperwork, cook meals, or handle other tasks.

For these rooms, peppermint can be your go-to scent. There is evidence that peppermint improves concentration and even activates your memory.

Another beneficial scent when you want to be productive is lemon. This citrus smell makes you feel more cheerful and energized plus gives off the feel of a clean, bright room.

Aromatherapy for Sleeping

They say your home is the place where you lay your head, but it feels even more like home when you can actually sleep. If you want to give yourself a more restful, easier night’s sleep, several scents can do the trick.

One option is lavender, which is known for its anxiety-reducing powers. The same goes for bergamot oil as well as jasmine.

You don’t need to limit the stress-reducing aromatherapy to your bedroom, though. You can also use it in the bathroom as you get ready for bed to start sending your brain messages that it’s time to relax.

Essential Oils and Pets

When considering aromatherapy for your apartment, be sure to keep your pets in mind. Some essential oils are poisonous or can be harmful to pets and can lead to serious problems including respiratory or central nervous system conditions.

Essential oils such as cinnamon, peppermint, tea tree, citrus, wintergreen, and others are toxic to pets.

Safe Ways to Add Fragrance to Your Home

As much comfort and stress relief as you can get from the skillful fragrance design, that won’t last long if you burn down the entire building by using a candle to get those scents.

Be sure to stick with safe ways to use aromatherapy. Essential oil diffusers are popular options that are easy to find.

Some diffusers use reeds to spread the scent while others release air with the scent in it, often acting as a humidifier at the same time. Plug-in outlet devices use a similar process to tabletop diffusers.

Whichever option you choose, the tips above can help you use aromatherapy to make your apartment into the perfect home environment. If you need to start by finding an apartment, learn more about our apartments for rent in Fort Wayne.

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