How To Hold Family Thanksgiving dinner in your Apartment

Doing Thanksgiving buffet style can allow you fit your entire family in your apartment.

OK, you’re apartment at Montrose Square seems pretty big most of the time (it helps to have all that available storage room), but put eight or twelve people in there along with Thanksgiving dinner and all the trimmings, and it might feel a little less large.  Still, with some little pre-planning, and flexibility, you can easily hold your family’s Thanksgiving Dinner celebration in your apartment.  Here are a few ideas you can try.

1.  Make it a buffet.  If you have the whole family, plus family friends, and your own friends over, not everyone will be able to sit at your table for four.  So get rid of the table, and let people eat wherever they want.  Since they’ll also gravitate toward the people they want to be with, this solves the problem of putting your politically polarized uncles next to one another (again.)

2.  Make it a Pot Luck buffet.  One way to make your kitchen seem bigger, is to limit the amount of dishes you need to make there. Ask guests to prepare and bring with them some of the sides.  You know your aunt makes a terrific potato dish, , and your sister is a whiz at desserts.  They bring their star dishes, and you now have plenty of room to spread out and concentrate on the main course.

3.  Create more room.  Move furniture back to the walls, or put things into the ample storage area Montrose Square provides for you.  Do this before everyone shows up.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match chairs, but try to avoid metal folding chairs if you can.  Set up some trays so people can set their drinks down on them.

4.  Plan an activity.  Need to concentrate on making dinner, but also have guests arriving that need attention?  Send them off on a walk, or set up a touch football game.  This year, more department stores will be open on Thanksgiving than ever before, so send people shopping.  Even Glenbrook Mall is open starting at 10am, though Jefferson Pointe is closed.

5.  Plan an After dinner activity.  After dinner, everyone wants to sit in the living room and watch the football game. Instead, go to a sports bar where everyone can spread out and even enjoy the Lions-Packers game on 20 large screen TVs.

The main thing is,  plan ahead.  Start getting ready a day or two ahead of time, and enlist the help of your guests, especially any house guests staying with you over the holiday.   With a little preparation and flexibility, any space can be big enough for a great family feast like Thanksgiving.

And while we’re at it, Montrose Square would like to thank you for choosing our apartment community for your home.  As we celebrate Thanksgiving with our families, our thoughts and prayers will also be with all of our wonderful residents.


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