Leave No Trace This Christmas: 6 Ideas For Festive Apartment Decorations

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It’s Christmas time! That means everyone is decorating their homes with greenery and sparkling lights. But when you have an apartment, decorating is a little harder. Leasing managers don’t take too kindly to putting holes in the wall, even if it is for stockings and Indiana fire code doesn’t allow fresh cut Christmas trees in apartments.

But, just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you have to give up the Christmas spirit. There are still plenty of ways to get festive without jeopardizing your deposit. 

Get ready for the holidays with these six apartment Christmas decoration ideas. 

The Perfect Solution For Holiday Apartment Decorations: Temporary Adhesives

Suction cups and temporary adhesives are your apartment decor saviors. Suction-cup hooks can help you with putting lights up around your windows. There’s a small chance they’ll fall down. The great thing is you can put them back up in a second. 

Temporary adhesive hooks are also perfect for apartment decorations. You can stick them on your wall and take them off without damage. Make sure you have a plan for where to put them. They only work once, so you need to save them. 

Break Out the Ornaments

Replace your decor with Christmas-y decor. Nutcrackers, snowmen, or nativity scenes will get you in the Christmas spirit. Decorate Window sills, tables, and unused counter-space a with festive ornaments. You can even fill glass bowls with colored bulbs for an easy Christmas decoration.

Cozy Winter Accessories

The past two years have been the years of hygge. It’s a Danish term that means “cozy,” and it’s the best thing to happen to your holiday. Hygge encourages adding cozy things in Winter, like big plush pillows and blankets. Buy some cute Christmas pillows and you’re ready for a great holiday season.

Create Ambiance with Candles

Even if your apartment decorations are lacking Christmas cheer, a few candles change that immediately. Clusters of big white candles create a friendly atmosphere for the holidays. If you’re worried about having that many candles, get flameless LED candles. They’re perfect for displaying and you don’t have to worry about them getting knocked over or forgetting to blow them out.  

Light Frames

Do you enjoy seeing all of the houses around Fort Wayne with Christmas lights? Lights are a great way to add that extra holiday spirit. Lucky for you, there are Window Wonder Frame Kits. These kits fit your windows and hold your lights up all season long. Installation is easy, and you’ll have the cheeriest apartment in the building. 

Decorate a Small Tree

The easiest way to make your apartment decorations festive is to find a tree. While Indiana fire code doesn’t allow real Christmas trees, you’d be surprised at how real artificial trees look, plus you won’t be stepping on hidden pine needles in July!

Small artificial trees are great for apartments. They don’t take up as much space, there’s less to decorate, and they fit perfectly on an end table. Add a strand of lights and your family ornaments. You can even put gifts under the tree for friends and family!

Looking for an Apartment to decorate in Fort Wayne? 

You need an apartment for all these apartment decorations! If you’re in the Fort Wayne area, Montrose Square Apartments is perfect for you. We’re close to shopping, dining, and entertainment and a short drive from anywhere you need to go around town. Your family will love to visit you during the holiday season, so apply today!

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