Living at Montrose Square Apartments means You can Enjoy the Leaves, Not Rake Them.

Part 1 of 3.

Apartment living has many advantages.  While home owners are out raking leaves every weekend, you’re free to take a short trip and actually enjoy the fall leaves in all of their glory.  Over the next several weeks, we’re going to suggest some good places to see the leaves within a day’s drive from Montrose Square Apartments.

Northeast Indiana gets a hard knock for scenery.  Sure, we don’t have oceans or mountains, but we do have trees  You just have to know where to find them.

If you’re up for a serious road trip, there are several world-class fall foliage viewing areas within five or six hours of here.  Some of the best color viewing in the country occurs in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  The UP is about five hours due north, and it’s pretty much Interstates all the way.  You’ll know when you get there because you’ll have to go over one of the world’s longest suspension bridges, the Mackinac Bridge (8 miles long, and 500 feet above the water.)

Just before you cross the bridge, you might want to stop and visit Mackinac Island.    You’ll have to park your vehicle and take a boat, because motor vehicles aren’t allowed. There may be no cars, but according to several websites, there is cell service.  When you get there, you can rent a bicycle or take a horse driven taxi.  There are no motor vehicles on the island.  There’s plenty to see and do and eat, and great fall color best seen from the bike trail that rims the island.

You can get to the leaves a little quicker by heading for Travers City instead.  Take Michigan State Road 72 West to Michigan 22, and turn right.  The trip up M22 near Sleeping Bear State Park is a great trip to enjoy at any time of the year.  Stop off at the dunes and enjoy some of the late season sunshine we’ll all soon be missing as winter approaches.

In part two of our post, we’ll talk about some great fall foliage trips in Indiana.  Yes, there is more than corn in Indiana, if you know where to look.



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