How to Make the Most of Your Apartment Spring Clean-Up

Who doesn’t love spring? We’re able to step outside again and breath in that fresh, warm air. Shades of green pop up, indicating it’s time to play volleyball in the park, instead of hibernate under the covers.

With all this renewal in the air, there’s only one thing left to do: get to the business of a down and dirty spring clean-up. Together, let’s roll up our sleeves and get right to it with this game plan.

1. Start Your Spring Clean-Up By Decluttering

The first step in any good spring clean-up should include decluttering. Start with the most “lived in” rooms i.e. the living room and bedroom. Once in the bedroom, tackle that closet. Make a concerted effort to pull out any clothes you haven’t worn in the last year and send them off to Goodwill.

Where else do things tend to accumulate? How about the kitchen table, bathroom, and pantry? Again, if anything seems to be collecting dust more than usage, it’s time to ship it out so you can get to the business of cleaning.

2. Clear Out Each Room

Be sure to clear out each room before you start cleaning. We’re all tempted to vacuum around the desk or reading chair. But, that’s not really in the full vein of spring clean-up, is it?

So, when you’re gearing up to tackle the bedroom, pull out as much of the furniture as you can. Then, you can get to the business of dusting, vacuuming, and re-organizing each and every clutter-free space.

3. Choose Your Tools Wisely

When it’s time to dust, consider a duster that has an extended arm. It’s surprising how dust makes its way to, literally, every corner of the room, including the ceilings.

When it’s time to scrub, ditch the paper towels. Instead, pick up a few microfiber cloths. They can be used to scrub the dirtiest corners of the home, including the mirrors, the countertops, stainless steel surfaces, and more. Better yet, they’re reusable and even machine washable.

4. Get Surface Level

After the deep clean, take things back to the surface. Wash your fabrics, including sheets, curtains, blankets, and rugs.

Get surface level with your windows, too. Pull those microfiber cloths back out again and remove all the dirt, grime, and early signs of pollen from your windows so you can enjoy the summer light.

5. Put the Icing on the Cake

Have you had at least one major project on your list for some time now? Perhaps you wanted to build some shelving in the living room. Or, maybe you’ve been wanting to create a gallery wall.

Now that everything’s said and done, throw some old sheets down on your pristine space and hang those floating shelves you’ve had your eye on for months. After all that hard work, you deserve a little icing on your cake.

Happy Spring!

As we enter the season of renewal, we hope your apartment will feel even more like your haven. And, if you’re looking for a new oasis in Fort Wayne, IN, come on over and check out our apartments for rent.

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