How to Make Extra Kitchen Storage Space in Your Apartment

There’s a massive trend today toward living in smaller spaces. People aren’t spending money on space they don’t need. Instead, they’re spending it saving for the future or enjoying the present.

As great as that is, sometimes it means you have to get creative with storage. Whether you’re a DIY fan or you prefer store-bought solutions, we have a few tricks up our sleeves. Check out these ways to squeeze extra kitchen storage out of your space.

Tips for Creating Extra Kitchen Storage

Your kitchen may not be a Mary Poppins bag, but there are ways to get more storage out of any space:

1. Take “Nesting” in Another Direction

Nesting usually applies to settling into a home, but it’s also a storage tactic. We’re talking about placing small items inside larger ones like Russian nesting dolls. This is most useful for items you don’t use often so you don’t have to keep stacking them.

2. Don’t Let Your Stovetop Go to Waste

Running low on counter space? Your stovetop has plenty of space to offer. A stovetop cover creates a smooth workspace for chopping, plating, and more. Of course, don’t use it while the burners are on or if they’re hot.

You may be able to find a manufactured stove cover you like. If you prefer a personalized option, make your own stove cover.

3. Add Under-Shelf Baskets

Let’s say your plates only take up half the height of your cabinet shelf but you need a place for your mugs. Try putting an under-shelf basket below the suspended shelf. This uses that vertical space without damaging your cabinets or trying to move the shelf.

4. Turn Necessities Into Decor

Chances are that not all your kitchen items and groceries will fit into your cabinets. That’s when it’s time to get creative.

Need somewhere to store your cooking utensils? Get a vase and use them to make a bouquet. It’s a great way to make them easy to grab, too.

Don’t have room for a spice rack? Make magnetic spice containers to put on the side of your refrigerator.

Have too many serving bowls to store? Pick your most attractive ones and arrange them on top of your cabinets. That’s vertical space that few people remember to use.

5. Extend Your Storage Into Your Dining Area

Depending on your apartment layout, you might have more usable space in your dining area. If that’s the case, you might as well use it.

Get a free-standing cabinet or sideboard that complements your dining furniture. Use this to stash your dining items: plates, silverware, glasses, and more. If you have fine china, a china cabinet also goes well in a dining area.

Making Your Small Kitchen Work for You

When you’re trying to find space for everything you want in your home, it’s easy to get frustrated. In most cases, all you need is a little creativity and planning to make it work. The tips above are a great way to start finding extra kitchen storage.

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