Most Haunted Places in Fort Wayne

Scariest Places In and Around Fort Wayne

Are you looking for some scary fun and adventure this Halloween?  If so, look no further than in your own back yard. Within a short drive from your Montrose Square Apartment, you’ll find a number of some of the scariest haunts here in the Greater Fort Wayne area.

Fort Wayne’s paranormal adventure starts at Chapman Road just North of Cedar’s Canyons Road.  While traveling on Chapman Road, make your way to Griffin Road.  When you turn right on Griffin and go to the valley in the road, put your vehicle in park, your vehicle will start to move up the hill.  Explain that one!

If you are looking for a “real” haunted adventure, check out the Haunted Jail in Columbia City.  This old retired jail is said to house the ghost of a murder victim.  Evidence of this activity, provided by those who work in the off season, includes hearing footsteps and the scraping of the walls. There is even a door that is to always remain open.  If it is closed, the door is mysteriously open when you return.   This jail is used as a haunted adventure during the Halloween season for your ghostly pleasure.

Down the road in Huntington Indiana, just off of Salamonie Avenue, there is old road that is closed off known as Devil’s Backbone.  It received its name due to the dangerous curves and sharp drop offs on the side.  It is rumored that the spirits of teen agers that lost their lives by racing cars through this path still haunt the road and its travelers.

Back again in Fort Wayne on Bruick Road some have said that if you go over a bridge and park your car, you will see a white light that moves and changes intensities.  If you follow the light, it will move backwards until it vanishes.

For those of you that like nature, there is the Haunted Nature Preserve near Auburn Road and Vandolah.  Many years ago, a number of bodies were found.  However, the decomposed condition of the bodies made it impossible to determine if this was just a dumping site or if they died where they stood.  The legend states that this is an ancient Indian burial ground.  According to the legend, if you stand quiet and too long, you may just drop dead where you stand.  The moral of this story is that if you decide to visit, put on your running shoes and make noise.

As you can see, there are many ways right here in our own backyard to have fun and paranormal adventure this Halloween.

Have a safe and fun Halloween season.

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