How to Organize and Declutter Your Studio Apartment

studio apartment

Studio apartments can be inexpensive, chic, and sweet. An average studio apartment clocks in at 500 or 600 square feet, sometimes smaller which can make them a little tricky to manage due to small space and architectural quirks.

Luckily, you can maintain a clutter-free and elegant studio apartment without breaking the bank (or the walls). Here are a few tips to transform a small space into a roomy pad you’ll love coming home to.

1. Work the Walls.

Walls are everything when it comes to tiny space. If your landlord permits it, paint your walls white, ivory, or a pale color like egg-shell blue or soft gray to create a sense of larger, expansive space.

Build in floating shelves or cabinets if you are able to visually free up your studio and efficiently store books, trinkets, and supplies.

Consider multiple wall hooks or ceiling racks for hanging clothing, bags, and equipment. This is also a declutter tactic!

2. Furniture, Furniture, Furniture.

It’s amazing how much furniture can affect a space–even your mood! Outfit your studio with minimalist style furniture to not visually crowd the space. Choose a low-lying sofa or lounge chairs.

Loft your bed to free up the ground floor. Use stools instead of chairs at the kitchen table and buy multi-purpose furniture. Can your island double as a kitchen table? How about using that antique chest as a coffee table or dresser as a nightstand?

Choosing furniture thoughtfully lets you express your style and is guaranteed to organize a tinier apartment.

3. Embrace the Wacky.

Studio apartments often come with a sloped ceiling, weirdly shaped closet, or awkward corners. Turn these quirks into cool by hanging hooks and lights from your diagonal ceiling, building shelves or bookcases into corners, or hiding away excess storage.

Match your decorations to the wackiness of the space. For example, if your studio has a lot of angles, hang art or choose furniture that reflects this.

Frame unusual windows with curtains, or make them part of the decor.

4. Create the Illusion of Multiple Rooms.

It’s easy to feel as if your studio apartment is just one big room, with no distinction between kitchen and bedroom. Craft the appearance of separate spaces by painting the kitchen or bedroom a different color and use an artful screen or room divider to distinguish the bedroom from the dining area.

Install a floor-to-ceiling curtain to separate living space. The gauzier the curtain, the greater the illusion of more space and light!

Make use of colorful rugs and floor lamps.

5. Choose Mindful Storage Solutions.

The ultimate key to decluttering a studio apartment is great storage. Remove closet doors to save on storage space and take advantage of wall organizers. A lot of furniture pieces can double as hidden storage spaces. Choose a sofa with built-in storage or a Murphy bed that folds up when not in use. Work in a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf, which can also double as a divider!

The Bottom Line on Your Studio Apartment Space

Just remember, you’ll need to put your apartment back into its original condition before you move out or risk losing your security deposit. And, it’s always best to check with the leasing office staff before making any big changes.

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Happy studio-ing!

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