5 Creative Storage Ideas For Your Living Room

creative storage ideas

Most of us struggle with having too much stuff, and not enough space. If you’ve chosen to live in an apartment instead of buying a home, you’ll enjoy a great amount of independence, but also might find yourself a little tight on space.

One simple solution for that is to just get rid of stuff that you don’t need, but nobody likes getting rid of things. So what’s the next logical solution? Creative storage ideas.

We have a few surefire ways to stash your excess stuff while making your living room look great in the process.

Storage Ottoman

Having an ottoman with storage inside is one of the best ways to creatively store things in your living room. Not only does it hide your clutter, but it provides a lovely place to sit. Ottomans come in all shapes and sizes, and if you’re on a budget, there are plenty of ways to make your own ottoman!


A dresser may not seem like an example of creative storage ideas, but utilizing one in the living room is an often overlooked storage solution. Many TV stands lack storage space, especially hidden space to stash things you don’t want out in the open. Using a dresser as a TV stand provides a place for your television, as well as a place to store plenty of things in a hidden fashion.

Built-In Storage

This may seem obvious, but using your existing space is one of the best ways to provide storage, especially when space is tight. Instead of bringing in extra cabinets, build shelves into the walls. Space is already there, why not use it? Just be sure to check with your apartment community before hanging any shelves.

In addition to being smart on space, built in storage can make for a beautiful addition to the living room. Instead of worrying about filling those empty walls with artwork, you can fill those walls with all of your possessions.

Nesting Tables

If you have a small space but enjoy playing games or entertaining guests, nesting tables are a great way to pack a lot of table surface area into a small space. These tables stack into each other when not in use, and can be pulled out to provide extra table space. If the short tables are sturdy enough, they can even be utilized as extra seating! The utility is key when planning your creative storage ideas.

Use a Chest as a Coffee Table

A coffee table is a necessary part of any living room, but it also takes up a decent amount of space. While nesting tables are one way to cut down on space, another solution is to turn that coffee table into storage!

Using a large flat chest as a coffee table allows for plenty of storage space inside the chest and makes for a unique look to your living room!

Other Great Apartment Ideas!

Now that you have some creative storage ideas to make the most out of your space, it’s time to move on to other ways to make your apartment pop! Keep reading here for consistently great ideas for apartment living.

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The Top 5 Advantages of Living in an Apartment

Between 2006 and 2014, the number of renters grew from 39% to 43%. Although buying has always been associated with the American Dream, more people are choosing to rent.

There are a number of reasons why living in an apartment may be advantageous. Read on to learn more.

The Advantages of Living in an Apartment

Did your parents teach you that one of the main goals in life should be to buy a home? In theory, buying may seem best. In reality, it’s not always the best option and renting has many advantages.


If the location you want is in a hot market, the cost of buying may be prohibitive. It’s often easier to find an apartment in the location you want with a rent that’s less than a monthly mortgage payment. And, You won’t have to put down a hefty 20% to get the monthly rate either!


In urban areas, apartments are often a safer option. Single-family homes in gated communities are expensive. However, most apartment communities offer security around the living and parking areas.

Because you’re living so close to your neighbors, the community environment also provides a layer of protection.

Low Maintenance

Low maintenance is a huge benefit to apartment living. If you buy a house, be prepared to spend weekends cleaning gutters, doing yard work, and fixing leaky faucets.

Home maintenance costs a significant amount of money per year, but apartment living means you’re not responsible for that leaky roof or the clogged sink. Pick up the phone and call maintenance when you have a problem!

If your goal is to eventually buy a home, the money you save on maintenance and utilities can be put toward saving for a down payment.

Lower Utility Costs

Apartments are smaller than houses which means less space to heat and cool. This translates into lower utility costs.


Apartment living facilitates a minimalist lifestyle. If experiences are more important to you than things, living in an apartment is the way to go.

You may not have as much space, but there are ways to maximize what you have. The small space forces you to decide what’s important to you.

Apartment living also gives you flexibility. It’s important to have mobility in today’s work world. If you need to relocate in a hurry for your job, you don’t have to worry about selling your place in a down market.

Most apartment communities also offer a number of different types of floor plans. You can pick the one that best suits your needs.

Ready to Make the Leap?

Are you ready for low-maintenance, safety, and a great location? Living in an apartment is a great choice.

Are you ready for your renting adventure? Check out our floor plans here!

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Is it Cheaper to Own a Home or Rent an Apartment?

If you’re looking for a great new place to live, you’re likely debating the pros and cons of either investing in a house or finding apartments to rent. It can be a hard decision, after all, as both have their own distinct advantages. But which can ultimately save you more money?

Read on for a detailed examination as we answer once and for all whether it’s cheaper to own a home or rent an apartment.

Amenities Matter

It’s no secret that millennials are flocking to apartment complexes in droves, but did you know that baby boomers are, as well? An article recently published by CNBC states that more than five million baby boomers are expected to rent within the next two years.

But why are they choosing apartment complexes instead of the suburbs? In short, because they want better amenities at a lower cost.

When investing in a home, you’ll need to pay for renovations, as well as extras like washers and dryers. Typically, a washer/dryer combo can cost at least a few hundred dollars.

In contrast, many complexes have their own laundry facilities on-site for a low-cost or even free.

Upfront Costs: Homes vs. Apartments to Rent

It’s clear that apartments are a better choice for those who want new, top of the line amenities for less money. But which will cost you more upfront?

Let’s start by examining the upfront cost of purchasing a home. Typically, a new homeowner is expected to pay anywhere from 3.5 percent to 20 percent of the home’s total cost.

Let’s be generous and say you’re buying a $200,000 home and are expected to pay 10 percent upfront. That’s $20,000 expected immediately.

But we’re not done yet. You’ll also have to pay realtor fees, closing costs, and home inspection fees, which add another few thousand to your upfront cost.

So what about the upfront cost of an apartment? Aside from a security deposit, application fee, and your first month’s rent (sometimes rolled into your security deposit), you’ll likely pay less than $1,500 in total.

That’s less than 1/10th of what a down payment on a home costs.

Cost of Upkeep

Anyone who has owned a home can tell you that there’s always something to repair. And those repairs can begin to add up quite fast.

It costs an average of $1,204 a month to maintain a standard home. Additionally, you’ll have to wait for contractors and repair workers to show up or pay for materials yourself and possible damage your home.

Needless to say, you’re not going to pay anything near that when looking for apartments to rent. When you lease an apartment, you get access to 24-hour maintenance.

Which is Cheaper: Finding Apartments to Rent or Buying a Home?

Ultimately, you can expect to pay tens of thousands of dollars to purchase a home, and that’s without repairs and new amenities. With an apartment, you get far more for your money, including great amenities, friendly service, and on-demand maintenance.

If you’re looking to save, there’s no doubt about it, renting is the way to go.

Are you in the market for a new apartment? If so, contact us today and schedule a tour. Montrose Square Apartments is Fort Wayne’s choice for affordable apartments with a warm atmosphere.

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How to Make the Most of Your Apartment Spring Clean-Up

Who doesn’t love spring? We’re able to step outside again and breath in that fresh, warm air. Shades of green pop up, indicating it’s time to play volleyball in the park, instead of hibernate under the covers.

With all this renewal in the air, there’s only one thing left to do: get to the business of a down and dirty spring clean-up. Together, let’s roll up our sleeves and get right to it with this game plan.

1. Start Your Spring Clean-Up By Decluttering

The first step in any good spring clean-up should include decluttering. Start with the most “lived in” rooms i.e. the living room and bedroom. Once in the bedroom, tackle that closet. Make a concerted effort to pull out any clothes you haven’t worn in the last year and send them off to Goodwill.

Where else do things tend to accumulate? How about the kitchen table, bathroom, and pantry? Again, if anything seems to be collecting dust more than usage, it’s time to ship it out so you can get to the business of cleaning.

2. Clear Out Each Room

Be sure to clear out each room before you start cleaning. We’re all tempted to vacuum around the desk or reading chair. But, that’s not really in the full vein of spring clean-up, is it?

So, when you’re gearing up to tackle the bedroom, pull out as much of the furniture as you can. Then, you can get to the business of dusting, vacuuming, and re-organizing each and every clutter-free space.

3. Choose Your Tools Wisely

When it’s time to dust, consider a duster that has an extended arm. It’s surprising how dust makes its way to, literally, every corner of the room, including the ceilings.

When it’s time to scrub, ditch the paper towels. Instead, pick up a few microfiber cloths. They can be used to scrub the dirtiest corners of the home, including the mirrors, the countertops, stainless steel surfaces, and more. Better yet, they’re reusable and even machine washable.

4. Get Surface Level

After the deep clean, take things back to the surface. Wash your fabrics, including sheets, curtains, blankets, and rugs.

Get surface level with your windows, too. Pull those microfiber cloths back out again and remove all the dirt, grime, and early signs of pollen from your windows so you can enjoy the summer light.

5. Put the Icing on the Cake

Have you had at least one major project on your list for some time now? Perhaps you wanted to build some shelving in the living room. Or, maybe you’ve been wanting to create a gallery wall.

Now that everything’s said and done, throw some old sheets down on your pristine space and hang those floating shelves you’ve had your eye on for months. After all that hard work, you deserve a little icing on your cake.

Happy Spring!

As we enter the season of renewal, we hope your apartment will feel even more like your haven. And, if you’re looking for a new oasis in Fort Wayne, IN, come on over and check out our apartments for rent.

We offer affordably-priced studios, one bedroom, and two bedroom apartments. Feel free to contact us today to schedule your tour!

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Apartment Upgrades: 4 Tips to Make Your Apartment Special This V-Day

While many people are distracted trying to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, they’re forgetting about the state of the place they’ll no doubt return to: their apartment.

Whether you’re hosting your date at your apartment for a home-cooked meal or you simply want to update your look, these apartment upgrades will turn even the dullest apartment into something cozy and inviting.

1. Make It Cozier

Splurge on some cute throw pillows to give your living room a splash of decor! Throw pillows are a great, affordable way to incorporate some style in a drab apartment. Even if you don’t have an eye for style, a quirky throw pillow on a chair or sofa can give the illusion that you’re a minimalist with a flair for design!

Throw pillows are not just refined to the sofa! Bring a new element of pizzazz to the bedroom with some fluffy new pillows. After all, it was designer William Morris who once said, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

Apartment upgrades often start at Target. Their selection of cute throw pillows will inspire you. Prefer to order online? Take a look at Amazon’s selection!

2. Light It Up

A dark space feels like a small space.

Brighten up your home with new light fixtures that can also serve as statement pieces. Most apartments are too dim, making them feel claustrophobic and juvenile. Light it up this Valentine’s Day and go from a small, dismal space to a bright, cozy room you and your loved one will actually want to spend time in.

The rule of thumb is to incorporate at least three light sources in a room. If you can, avoid garish overhead lights. They are often too harsh. Focus on warmer light sources like table and floor lamps, uplights, and spots.

Many interior decorators use lighting to maximize small living spaces. If you have a smaller apartment, make it look larger and more inviting with some lighting upgrades!

3. Go Green

Incorporating plants into your decorating is a must for modern interior design. Not only does a little green go a long way, it livens your space.

There are also tremendous health benefits that coincide with houseplants.

Pothos, for example, is a common indoor plant and in a study conducted by the University of Texas, they found that people who spent time around plants like pothos were more likely to help others, be more caring and empathetic.

4. Rearrange

Rearranging your apartment can refresh your physical space as well as improve your mood and outlook.

Surprise your significant other by transforming the living room into a cozy den, or finally hang that picture that’s been sitting in the closet.

Even the smallest change can open up your space and give your apartment the breath of fresh air its needed.

Looking for More Apartment Upgrades?

The only downside of getting bit by the interior decorating bug is that you’ll never want to stop!

Check out our blog for apartment tips on decorating, saving money, and making the most of your space.

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6 Reasons to Rent Instead of Buy

Looking to move into your next home but not sure whether or not buying is for you?

Did you know that there are now more US households occupied by renters than there has been in the past 50 years?

Deciding whether to rent or buy is a tough decision, no matter the reason that you are moving. Read on for 6 reasons to rent instead of buy while you search for your next home!

1. Flexibility

Whether you’re moving to a new area or just looking for a new apartment or house, committing to a thirty-year mortgage can be daunting.

When choosing to rent instead of buy, there is increased flexibility.

Most leases last twelve months and some allow you to go month-to-month with no contract.

If you’ll need to relocate in the near future for whatever and don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling a property, renting may be the better option!

2. Not Financially Ready

Just as purchasing a home comes with low flexibility, a mortgage can be a financially risky undertaking. Maybe your credit isn’t good enough or you’re simply not ready to commit to the upfront costs of owning a home.

If you’re in this transitory stage of living, it may be best to wait to purchase a home.

3. Irregular Income or Lack of Savings

Even if you’ve been preapproved for a mortgage and feel like you’re ready to commit to buying a home, you should consider renting if your income isn’t always regular.

For example, if you run your own business as a freelancer or don’t have an emergency fund in place, it might be wise to save money by renting rather than commit yourself to regular, heavy expenses.

4. Inflated Housing Market

In addition to your own financial situation, analyzing the housing market in your area can reveal why it might not be the right time to buy.

Even if you think you’re financially prepared to buy a home, it’s better to ride out an inflated market with overpriced homes by renting.

Compare prices of homes on the market vs the monthly costs of renting to get an idea of how the market is trending.

5. You Don’t Want To Deal with Maintenance

If you’re not particularly good with tools and repairs, or you don’t see yourself being home often to deal with maintenance, you might want to consider renting.

Maintenance duties in apartment buildings usually go to the staff and are often covered by monthly rent.

6. Other Priorities

Renting can offer you to let other priorities have influence over where you live.

For example, if you want to live near your workplace or close to your family and friends, but can’t find a property to buy, you’ll likely have a much easier time finding an apartment to rent.

Should You Rent Instead of Buy?

These 6 reasons to rent instead of buy are just a few of the things you should consider when searching for an apartment, condo, or house.

Are you currently renting? Why did you choose to rent over buying? Let us know in the comments!

Looking for your dream apartment? Contact us today to see if we have the perfect place for you!

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5 Tips For Maximizing Your Small Living Spaces

living spaces

Living in small spaces is something of a trend these days, as more people see the benefits of living the minimalist lifestyle. For instance, renting a smaller apartment is cheaper on multiple fronts.

It typically comes with lower rent, reduced energy consumption and less furniture to purchase. But whether being in small living spaces is your preference or out of your control, you will need to make the most of the square footage you have.

Let’s review five ways you can maximize small living spaces.

1. Go for a Small Sofa

You don’t really need a complete living room set to have a functional and appealing space. Rather than going for a large couch and a love seat, you can get the one that better suits your living room space.

If you’re worried about having limited seating space for your visitors, you can opt for fold up chairs or smaller chairs to sit against the wall.

2. Use Shelves in Small Living Spaces

Since you don’t have a lot of floor space to store things, you can make use of your vertical space. Consider installing shelves throughout the home. For instance, in the kitchen, you can use shelves for your pots and pans.

Then in the living room, you can place books, photos, knick-knacks and other items on top of them.

3. No Coffee Tables

If you really want tables to set things on, you can go with side tables. These are a lot smaller, yet functional enough to place small items, like cups and plates if you like to dine in the living room.

Coffee tables are over-sized for small living rooms and unnecessary.

4. Mount Whatever Furniture You Can

You can find a lot more items in furniture stores that you can mount to the wall. Vertical space is your friend in small living spaces.

Some examples are to mount your panel television to the wall. This beats having a TV stand that takes up much-needed space.

Then there are mountable tables you can mount in your bedroom or powder room to have a place to prepare for a night out.

5. Use Wall Lights Wherever Possible

Floor lamps and tabletop lamps can take up space as well. If you want to make additional room, you can mount lights on your walls. There are products on the market specifically for this purpose.

It’s a good idea to place these strategically throughout the home. For instance, in the hallways, so you can find your way to the bathroom without turning on the ceiling lights.

But you can use wall lights as standard lights versus just for night lights.

Find a Smaller Living Space

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t want to live in a large space, then you can look for an apartment. One place to begin your search is at Montrose Square Apartments.

We have different floor plans and prices to choose from. We also have a blog where you can learn all about finding the right apartment for you. Find tips and tricks for decorating your space and what to do in Fort Wayne, IN and surrounding areas.

Contact us today to see if we can find a smaller living space for you!

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5 Money Saving Tips For Families in 2018

money saving tips for families

Budgeting is an extremely important part of having a functional and happy family. Expenses can be terrifying and stressful, and no parent wants those stresses to inadvertently fall on their children.

If you’re looking to save more money this new year, we’ve got you covered. There are tons of money-saving tips for families, but the first step is always making a plan. Follow along to learn more about how to save money so you can start building your money-saving plan!

Guaranteed Money Saving Tips for Families

If you plan out your family budget using the following tips, you’re guaranteed to save a few bucks (or more than a few) during 2018. Stick to them and it’ll pay off quickly!

1. Organize Your Groceries and Your Grocery Shopping

Knowing what you already have before you leave the house is extremely important to any grocery shopping trip. You don’t want to over buy things or get duplicates if you don’t need them.

This will ensure you’re actually consuming the food you already have before you buy more and that none goes to waste. This can easily save you cash on every grocery shopping trip, making it more efficient and less wasteful.

2. Eliminate a Disposable Service

There are tons of nonessential services we pay for each month. What’s essential, however, is up to every family. However, you don’t need two Netflix accounts for a family of four or a gym membership you’ve never used. Cutting back on what you know you don’t need is a great place to start.

This can also come in the form of family outings, like movies and restaurants. Cutting back on outings can be a great way to save some cash.

3. Do Your Research Before You Purchase

If you’re ever considering buying something in-store, head home first. Do your research and check if you can find that same item or items for cheaper online or second-hand.

Also, check for manufacturer coupons. There are tons floating around online or in newspapers or magazines. You just have to look for them.

4. Enroll in Rewards Programs

Thousands of companies offer rewards programs. You should sign up for them whenever possible, especially if they are in a point-based system or store credit cards for stores you frequent.

If you’re a family of travelers, consider getting a credit card that allows you to accumulate miles with purchases.

5. Sell What You Don’t Need

If your house is riddled with little kid toys but your youngest child is now 23, it’s time to sell a few things. Yard sales and eBay are very popular ways of doing so. This is one of the most popular money-saving tips for families.

Furniture, antiques, or anything that may be of value to someone else is fair game. Try finding a Facebook group for people in your area trying to sell things. It makes it easier to find a buyer and you won’t have to pay for shipping costs.

Wrapping Up

If 2018 is your year to save, it’s your time to start making a plan. Follow these tips to learn more about how to save some money quick.

If you’d like to read more about how to decorate small spaces or some cool apartment tips, check out our blog! You’re bound to find topics you’ll like and will let you lead a more efficient life.

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The Complete Guide to Finding an Apartment

finding an apartment

When you’re ready to look for a new place to call home, figuring out where to begin can be overwhelming. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to finding an apartment. You’ll have many choices to make along the way, regardless of your situation

Here’s our complete guide to get you started on your apartment search.

Determine Your Budget

The first step in finding an apartment is to figure out your budget.

To do this, you’ll need to take a look at your monthly income. Traditional financial wisdom advises that you spend no more than thirty percent of your income on housing. However, in our modern society, that may not be the best benchmark for everyone.

Take an honest look at your current monthly bills and income to see what would feasibly work for your individual financial situation.

It’s also important to keep in mind that you’ll likely be required to pay a large sum as a way to secure the apartment. The laws surrounding these fees vary from state to state. You can expect to pay some combination of the first and last month of rent, plus a security deposit that is usually equal to a month of rent.

Pick a Location

Once you’ve figured out how much you can afford to spend on rent, you’ll need to narrow down where you’d like to live.

There are several factors to consider here. Do you want to move closer to work, or would you welcome a relaxing commute? Would you prefer to spend your evenings somewhere peaceful, or is a nearby nightlife a perk for you? Are nearby schools a consideration?

Make a list of your location wants and needs. When you figure out what you absolutely must have as opposed to what would just be nice, you can start to pinpoint your search.

Think About the Details

At this point when you’re finding an apartment, you’ll need to give some thought to the nitty-gritty details before moving forward.


What amenities do you need in an apartment? Do you want a washer and dryer in your apartment or at least on-site? A covered parking spot or swimming pool? Make a list of the must-haves and the nice-to-haves to take with you on your apartment search.

Pet Policy

If you’re among the sixty-eight percent of American households with a pet, you might have a little more to take into consideration.

There’s nothing worse than finding an apartment of your dreams only to discover pets aren’t allowed. Find out ahead of time if a prospective place welcomes fuzzy tenants, and whether you’ll be required to pay a pet deposit in case of damage.

Visit at least 3 to 5 apartments

Now that you know what you’re looking for, get a feel for a variety of options out there. Resist the urge to commit to the first apartment you see, even if it seems perfect.

When you have a few options, you’ll be able to figure out what will be best suited to your finances and lifestyle.

Conclusion: Finding an Apartment

When making a life-changing decision like choosing a new apartment, it’s important to be as thorough as possible. You’ll be glad you were when you’re comfortably settled in your perfect apartment.

Check out our blog to read more about apartment living.

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5 Things to Do in Fort Wayne, IN This Winter

things to do in fort wayne

It’s official, Winter has arrived! But don’t let the cold keep you inside. There’s plenty of Winter fun to be had in Fort Wayne. Don’t stay cooped up all Winter, get out and enjoy the season!

Here are five great suggestions to help you make the most of Winter in Fort Wayne.

You Won’t Want to Miss These Fun Winter Things to Do in Fort Wayne

Ice Skating

You need to check out Headwaters Park Ice Arena this winter. If anything speaks to you of winter in a simpler time, it would be this traditional seasonal activity.

Skating is an excellent activity for a date, or to enjoy with friends, and at $5 per adult ($3 for kids), $2 skate rental, and free parking it’s affordable.

Yeah, but I have a few kids. Well first bless you, and second, they offer children 13 and under free on Wednesdays, so get those kids away from the TV for a night of family fun.

Mmmm, Chocolate

Now that you are chilly from spending the day skating outdoors you may want to warm up with a nice cup of hot cocoa at DeBrand Fine Chocolates.

What’s better than that you may ask? How about a cup of hot cocoa with a shot of espresso in it. Seriously, as if that wasn’t good enough, you can have the pleasure of trying one of their confectionary creations.

With four retail shops in Fort Wayne, you are never far away. Their first-class ambiance and outstanding customer service make this a fantastic date night or a special treat for the kids. Honestly, this has to be one of the most delectable things to do in Fort Wayne.

Downtown Holiday Window Displays

Shopping is a necessary task during the holiday season, but the city kicks it up a notch to make window shopping is one of the many fun things to do in Fort Wayne.

Taking a cheerful stroll downtown can be romantic for couples or fun for the family. View the beautifully decorated windows of participating businesses and organizations and vote for your favorites online–Tweet or Instagram using #HolidayFestFW.

Fort Wayne Museum of Art

If you’re looking for non-holiday things to do in Fort Wayne, you should definitely check out the Fort Wayne Museum of Art(FWMoA). It’s the crowning jewel of the Fort Wayne art scene.

With traveling exhibitions, you will never see the same museum twice. The FWMoA has so much to offer from lectures, catered gallery events, tours, an art club for teens, and amazing works of art.

The cost is $8 for adults, $6 for students (K-college) and seniors, and $20 for families. But fear not if you are pinching your pennies, they also offer free admission on Thursdays from 5-8p.m.

Botanical Conservatory

The Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory has a plethora of activities coming up this winter season. You won’t want to miss their Holiday Kick-Off Party, Snow Days Concert, and Breakfast with Santa!

Santa and the Reindeer will appear three Saturdays in December, and there are two Holiday Swag Workshops.

But possibly the most enticing activity of all is the botanical gardens done up in lights for the holidays. You can even purchase a s’mores kit in the gift shop and share a cozy moment near the patio firepit.

Or maybe you want to get away from the cold all together while exploring the indoor gardens. Admission is $5 for adults, $3 for kids ages 3-17, and free for age 2 and under.

The Botanical Garden is indeed one of the best things to do in Fort Wayne this holiday season.

Fun in the Fort!

Luckily Montrose Square Apartments is around 15 minutes or less from all of these excellent activities. Get out there and enjoy the wonderful things to do in Fort Wayne this Winter.

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