Sherry’s Egg Casserole Recipe

egg casserole recipe

Thanks everyone for coming to our first ever Brunch & Bingo on July 9th. We had such a great time with our residents eating great food and playing Bingo! (See pictures on our facebook page!)

We had a lot of you tell us how much you enjoyed the egg casserole and asked for the recipe. So, Sherry was kind enough to share her coveted recipe with us! We only ask that if you make it, please share some with us in the office! 😉

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Sherry's Egg Casserole Recipe
Cuisine Breakfast
Cook Time 45-50 Minutes
Cuisine Breakfast
Cook Time 45-50 Minutes
  1. Whisk together the eggs and the milk then add the salt, shredded cheddar cheese, torn bread pieces, and cooked sausage. Pour into glass 13×9 pan- cover and refrigerate overnight. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 to 50 min or until golden brown on top. The recipe can be altered to your taste: other ingredient suggestions: ham, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, broccoli, spinach.
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The 5 Essential Apartment Decor Pieces You Need

apartment decor

It’s a good time to be a renter in America, and even more so in Fort Wayne, the country’s cheapest place to live.

Time was, the dream of every young person was to get married and buy a home as soon as they entered adulthood. In fact, home ownership is at a 50-year low, despite the fact that the housing market has bounced back from its late-2000s crash. More and more, though, the under 30 crowd is putting off that decision till later.

Apartment Decor Makes a House a Home

Part of it is the freedom, financially and geographically, that comes with renting, but they also enjoy the sense of community they get from being part of a whole. Renting is no longer just a place for you and your stuff: thanks to designer apartment decor, the modern renter has learned how to make a rental a real home.

Here are five essential pieces of apartment decor that are inexpensive, make a statement — and can be packed at a moment’s notice!

1. The Wall of Art

Posters, prints, and artwork can transform any blank space into a personal statement, and chances are you’ll have at least one giant blank wall in even a studio apartment.

Design experts say a series of small pieces that complement each other in some way is better than one large painting. Make sure the frames compliment each other as well.

Turn one whole side of your apartment into a gallery and watch visitors take notice.

2. Custom Lighting Fixtures

Your apartment or condo can come with any type of lighting: modern or classic, minimal or ornate. Guess what? You don’t have to be shackled by it. Use a series of smaller lights — lamps, pendants, sconces, lanterns, track lighting, even candles — to create a warm and inviting mood.

You can even experiment with replacing fixtures on the lights that are already installed… just make sure you know your landlord’s rules before changing anything.

3. Green Solutions

No, not eco-friendly ones — although those are fine, too. We’re talking about cleaning the air the old-fashioned way, with living plants. Hanging ferns make any apartment feel more lived-in, but don’t ignore some other less standard options, like the baby cactus on your countertop or the imposing rubber plant in your foyer.

4. Mirror Magic

Mirrors are not only cheap ways to spruce up a dull wall, hallway, or door. They also help make your apartment seem and feel bigger and more inviting! Experiment with different types of glass (marbled, painted) and also with the frames themselves, which are as adaptable and distinctive as any painting.

Reclaim an antique find, or have one custom made for any room in the house.

5. The Signature Piece

Minimalism is usually the rule these days when it comes to apartments, but nothing says you can’t have one conversation starter.

A chaise lounge, a reupholstered loveseat, a series of designer ottomans, or a handcrafted coffee table complete with interesting books… one, and usually only one, signature piece and your main room will draw the eye in and claim the apartment as your space.

Stylish Apartment Decor: The Modern Renter’s Secret

You too can join the movement and create your own small but functional home inside an apartment.

No mortgage or housing bubbles to worry about, plus all the creature comforts of a real home… apply here today and then get to work personalizing your new digs!

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5 Helpful Tips For A First Time Renter

first apartment

Making the move into your first apartment can be an exciting experience. You’re on your own and can eat cookies for breakfast and chips in bed because no one is there to tell you otherwise. But as a first-time renter, there are some things to be aware of before you settle down in the apartment of your dreams.

Here are a few tips to avoid getting stuck:

1. Getting Through the Application

A first-time renter should expect to fill out an application for a potential apartment. This usually includes a background and credit check, and you will need to pay for the cost. Most application fees run between $30 and $50, depending on where you live. If you’ve found the perfect place to rent, it’s a good idea to fill out your application and pay the fees as soon as possible — even the same day. Many times, landlords will rent an apartment or house based on who turned in their application first.

If your credit score isn’t up to par, that’s OK. Most leasing agents allow renters to have a co-signer, who will sign the lease with you and is responsible if you don’t pay your rent for any reason.

2. Add in All of Your Costs

When you’re renting your first place, it’s important to know how much you can afford. That includes all of the additional costs that come with living on your own. In addition to the application fee, expect to put down a security deposit and sometimes the first and last month’s rent, which protects the landlord in case you damage the apartment or move out early.

Other costs to add to your apartment budget worksheet include:

  • Utilities. Every lease is different, so you’ll have to check to see what is included in your agreement. Some contracts pay for water and trash, while others include electricity.
  • Renter’s insurance. Many landlords require their tenants to have this coverage, and it also provides peace of mind. This protects your belongings in the case of a disaster such as a fire.
  • Pet deposit. If your lease allows pets, most landlords require a pet deposit to cover any potential damage to the property. In some places, there is an extra fee each month in addition to the deposit, but you’ll need to budget for this if you’re bringing your four-legged companion with you.

3. Pay Attention to Your Lease

A lease may be the first legal document a first-time renter encounters. It’s important to read through it carefully so you know what to expect. If there’s anything you don’t understand, get someone else to look over it with you. Make sure the move in and move out dates are clearly specified, and make sure you understand any restrictions in your lease, such as noise, visitors, roommates, and pets. Your lease should outline everything you need to know before you move in, including any potential fees or consequences of breaking the lease.

4. Do a Walk-Through

Before you sign on the dotted line, do a thorough walk-through of your new apartment. Keep an eye out for damages or anything that doesn’t work — not just how you will lay out your new digs.

It’s in your best interest to take pictures and give a dated copy to your landlord so there’s no discretion when you move out and ask for your security deposit back.

5. Know Your Rights

Renters’ rights are different in every state, but it’s important for you to know what you’re responsible for versus what is your landlord’s obligation.

For example, if something breaks, usually the landlord is required to fix it. But how long do they have, and what will you do in the meantime if it’s a serious situation? Will you be reimbursed if you incur out-of-pocket expenses?

Knowing your rights ahead of time will give you an advantage if something does go wrong.

First Time Renter

When you’re ready to find your first apartment, being prepared can help you land the perfect apartment.

For more information on renting in the Fort Wayne area, contact us today!

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Apartment Guide: 6 Ways to Create an Eco-Friendly Home

Apartment Guide

Looking for a way to make your apartment or home eco-friendly? There are many ways to make your living space greener, no matter how small it is. The good news is that you can live sustainably in your home without having to stretch your wallet or move to the countryside.

We’ve compiled your Green Apartment Guide, which compiles six best methods of putting the eco in your friendly apartment home.

Apartment Guide: 6 Ways to Create an Eco-Friendly Home

1. Think air.

The first step is to maximize air circulation and quality in your apartment or home.

  • Install ceiling fans in order to improve air circulation and minimize energy use.
  • Set up an air purifier that specifically removes pollutants from the air.
  • De-clutter and organize your living space to maximize air circulation.

2. Choose energy-efficient, sustainable light.

This is at the top of the list for your apartment guide to living greener. A lot of older apartments and homes rely on less energy-efficient bulbs and lighting systems that end up using a lot of energy.

Choosing CFL or LED lights are the way to go in terms of getting the greenest light possible. Replace as many of your existing bulbs with these energy-efficient lights. Although LED lights can be expensive, they may even save you money over time due to their high performance and overall efficiency.

3. Maximize your water usage.

  • Long showers can be luxurious, but these can add up. Consider buying a shower head with a low-flow option.
  • Turn off the sink when you are brushing your teeth.
  • Investigate your toilet’s flush system. If it’s not already a dual flush system, check with your leasing office to get permission to install a dual flush converter.

4. Take charge of the heat!

  • It’s easy to waste a lot of energy by keeping a thermostat on or forgetting to turn it off when you leave the home. See if you can schedule your thermostat to come on and off at certain times.
  • On a related note, invest in a power strip in order to maximize your energy use. Unplug appliances when they are not in use, and turn off lights when you leave a room.
  • Call your utility company and see if they have an “eco” option. Consider enrolling in whatever green program they may offer.

5. Check what’s under the kitchen sink.

This is an important aspect of your apartment guide to greener living. A lot of household cleaning supplies use harsh chemicals that are not friendly to the environment, especially if they involve a lot of waste. Invest in sustainable, eco-friendly cleaning supplies that are biodegradable or composed of natural materials.

If you can replace everything under your sink with eco-friendly products, you are already taking a step towards your health and a greener home.

6. Make sure your home or apartment is leak-free.

Most homeowners or renters aren’t aware of how much energy can be wasted through leaks in windows, doors, and walls. Make sure that all cracks in windows and doors are sealed or caulked and make sure the sealant or caulk is environmentally-friendly as well!


This six-step apartment guide to living greener can be applied to any home.

Remember that the first step in making your home eco-friendly is the conscious choice to live green wherever you are at!

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5 Reasons Why Renting Is Better Than Buying


It’s official! 2017 is the year of the renter. And if you agree with The New York Times that this is your year to become a renter, you’ll find that making the choice between renting and buying isn’t always as simple as a news headline makes it sound. Before you sign on any dotted lines, read on to learn why paying a rent over a mortgage may be right for you.

Choices, Choices, Choices

A house is like a Redwood. It’s planted pretty firmly in the ground, and you either take it as it is or you leave it.

If you prefer to have more options when choosing where to live, such as location, building type, and amenities, renting could be the perfect match. When you rent, everything is a possibility. You simply keep combing through the listings until you find one that matches as closely or perfectly as your dream living situation.

When You Gotta Go…

Congratulations! You just got into medical school. Or met the love of your life. Or got the job of your dreams. Only problem? They’re all the way across the country and they need you there NOW. When you’re renting, that’s hardly a problem. The worst thing you’ll encounter is having to break a lease (usually loss of the equivalent of one month’s rent).

When you own a home, your roots are as firmly planted as a tree. You’ve got to sell and let’s face it, this isn’t a great time for home sales.

Can you risk missing out on school, love, jobs? Times are so uncertain, so the fluidity of being a renter just works with our shifting world.

Renting: The Newest Social Network?

While it’s true that many larger apartment communities do have some form of intranet or online group for residents, we don’t mean to say that rentals are going to surpass Facebook or Instagram.

But, renters often get to enjoy a bit of community in their neighborhood. Depending on where you move in, you may find activities like:

  • Pizza parties
  • Pool events
  • Movie nights
  • Holiday parties and giveaways
  • Message boards to advertise (or respond to) babysitting, adoptable pets, and walking partners

Papers and Signing and Checks, Oh My!

Quick show of hands: How many of us have known people who moved into apartments on the same day they rented them? Yep, almost everyone.

You really can’t do that with a house. There’s the whole thing of “escrow,” which involves a lot of time sitting around a table with lots of lawyers, lots of papers to sign, and lots of checks.

Despite how ready you are and if all your boxes are packed, there are things like inspections, evaluations, property and deed transfers, and so much more that goes into owning a home.

Buying is not a quick process. Becoming a renter, though, can be.

You Can Do So Much with So Little

So you’ve gotten bit by the small space living bug. Who hasn’t?! But so much of the glory has gone to the small space home kits, which you have to buy, build, and then you own.

Well, guess what?

You can still enjoy the benefits of renting when you rent small. In fact, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology calls small apartment spaces the “Apartment of the Future.” And because this is your space, you get to decide what to do with it. Take advantage of some of the super trendy tricks out there to make your space look huge or keep it as cozy as you prefer.

Get Ready to Rent!

Now you know why so many people choose to rent an apartment vs buying a home. Ready to sign your lease on the dotted line? Great! We are available to help and answer questions about rentals at any time. Get in touch with us. You can send us a form, email, call, or even fill out a rental application. We hope to have you in an apartment soon!

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How to Organize and Declutter Your Studio Apartment

studio apartment

Studio apartments can be inexpensive, chic, and sweet. An average studio apartment clocks in at 500 or 600 square feet, sometimes smaller which can make them a little tricky to manage due to small space and architectural quirks.

Luckily, you can maintain a clutter-free and elegant studio apartment without breaking the bank (or the walls). Here are a few tips to transform a small space into a roomy pad you’ll love coming home to.

1. Work the Walls.

Walls are everything when it comes to tiny space. If your landlord permits it, paint your walls white, ivory, or a pale color like egg-shell blue or soft gray to create a sense of larger, expansive space.

Build in floating shelves or cabinets if you are able to visually free up your studio and efficiently store books, trinkets, and supplies.

Consider multiple wall hooks or ceiling racks for hanging clothing, bags, and equipment. This is also a declutter tactic!

2. Furniture, Furniture, Furniture.

It’s amazing how much furniture can affect a space–even your mood! Outfit your studio with minimalist style furniture to not visually crowd the space. Choose a low-lying sofa or lounge chairs.

Loft your bed to free up the ground floor. Use stools instead of chairs at the kitchen table and buy multi-purpose furniture. Can your island double as a kitchen table? How about using that antique chest as a coffee table or dresser as a nightstand?

Choosing furniture thoughtfully lets you express your style and is guaranteed to organize a tinier apartment.

3. Embrace the Wacky.

Studio apartments often come with a sloped ceiling, weirdly shaped closet, or awkward corners. Turn these quirks into cool by hanging hooks and lights from your diagonal ceiling, building shelves or bookcases into corners, or hiding away excess storage.

Match your decorations to the wackiness of the space. For example, if your studio has a lot of angles, hang art or choose furniture that reflects this.

Frame unusual windows with curtains, or make them part of the decor.

4. Create the Illusion of Multiple Rooms.

It’s easy to feel as if your studio apartment is just one big room, with no distinction between kitchen and bedroom. Craft the appearance of separate spaces by painting the kitchen or bedroom a different color and use an artful screen or room divider to distinguish the bedroom from the dining area.

Install a floor-to-ceiling curtain to separate living space. The gauzier the curtain, the greater the illusion of more space and light!

Make use of colorful rugs and floor lamps.

5. Choose Mindful Storage Solutions.

The ultimate key to decluttering a studio apartment is great storage. Remove closet doors to save on storage space and take advantage of wall organizers. A lot of furniture pieces can double as hidden storage spaces. Choose a sofa with built-in storage or a Murphy bed that folds up when not in use. Work in a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf, which can also double as a divider!

The Bottom Line on Your Studio Apartment Space

Just remember, you’ll need to put your apartment back into its original condition before you move out or risk losing your security deposit. And, it’s always best to check with the leasing office staff before making any big changes.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out these two 270 square foot urban micro-pads that take smart small space to an entirely new level.

Working with a larger space? We have six stellar solutions to decluttering any size apartment.

Happy studio-ing!

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Summer Fun Resident Activities

apartment resident activities

Montrose Square Apartments residents, mark your calendars and plan to join us for all of the fun activities we have planned for our residents and their guests. We have planned a Summer full of fun activities, food, and prizes including cash prizes up to $100 and a drawing for a TV.


May 18th: Spring Fling Pizza, Thursday,  5-7pm


June 2nd, Donut Day, Friday, 6am until gone (in the office)

June 17th,Picnic & Game Day” Saturday
MSQ Picnic: Subs, Chips, Fruit, Dessert & Drinks
2pm Cornhole Tournament
(pre-register your team, 1 member of team must be a resident)
Cash prizes: $100.00 1st Place, $50.00 2nd Place
3pm Mystery Bingo


July 9th 11am, Brunch & Bingo, Sunday

July 17-22nd Ice Cream Treats all week at the office

July 20th, 2017 Fort Wayne TinCaps Game vs. Clinton LumberKings
Join us for “Montrose Square Night” at Parkview Field
Tickets can be purchased for only $5.00 each from the Montrose Square office


August 25th 7-9pm Trivia & Karaoke FUN NIGHT, Friday
Drawing for a TV giveaway (contest for Residents only, but guests invited to sing)


September 12th 5-7pm, Fall Grab N’ Go Hot Dogs, Tuesday
Stop by and grab a fresh grilled Hot Dog and the fixin’s

For each event that you attend you can register your name for the TV prize drawing. The more you attend the more chances you have to win! Drawing will be at the August 25th ‘FUN NIGHT’.

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5 Attractions to Visit in Fort Wayne This May

Fort Wayne

Spring has sprung in Indiana. Now is the time to get outdoors and experience all the fun warm weather activities. If you’re new to the area, you may not be aware of all the great attractions you can visit in May.

Read on to find the five best attractions to visit in Fort Wayne.

1. Fort Wayne’s Children’s Zoo

This zoo is the perfect place to get your family outside.  There are over 1,000 animals to view in this family zoo. You can travel through all the continents of the world and see animals like monkeys, sea lions, and penguins.

If you’d rather experience the fun of farm animals, the zoo has the Indiana Family Farm where you can view cows, pigs, and goats. You can even take a pony ride!

There are tons of membership options available, so you’ll be able to visit the zoo throughout the summer.

2. Fort Wayne Bike Share

Biking is an excellent way to get outside this month. If you’re new to the area, or a lifelong citizen, you can see all the city has to offer via a bike!

The area’s Bike Share program allows you rent a bike by the hour. You’ll be able to bike through the many parks and trails or take a tour through downtown and check out all the great shops and restaurants.

If you’re not sure where to head first, the city’s visitors center provides maps and itineraries to get you started.

3. Parkview Field

Want to catch a baseball game this summer? Not willing to pay the big league prices? You’re in luck. Parkview Field is located in the heart of the town and is home to the minor league Fort Wayne TinCaps.

If you’re not into baseball, you can still visit the field that’s open all year-long. The stadium features a running and walking track. It’s also host to several music festivals and markets throughout the summer.

4. Lakeside Park and Rose Garden

This area is known for its many beautiful gardens. And Lakeside Park and Rose Garden is just one of the many. Since its reconstruction in 1912, the park and garden have been a host to parties and weddings. But you’re also able to visit here to experience the great fishing pond, basketball and tennis courts, and kids’ playground.

The rose garden has over 1,000 types of roses to view as you stroll through the paths surrounding it.

5. Rivergreenway Trail

The Rivergreenway Trail is 25 miles of trails that go through all three of the rivers surrounding the area.

Here you’re able to walk, run, or bike through the trail. Many people use the trail to experience nature while also painting or drawing. If you’re looking for a great place to enjoy the beauty of Indiana, and take a moment of peace and quiet, this is the perfect place.

There’s Always Something to Do Here!

Fort Wayne is a city in the heart of the country. And while it doesn’t boast the population of Chicago or Minneapolis, there is still a lot going on. Whether you’re looking to experience nature, view exotic animals, or catch a baseball game, you’ll always be able to find some summer fun.

Have you recently visited or moved to the area? Let us know what fun things you’ve done this month.

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6 Magic Tricks to Make My Apartment Feel Bigger

my apartment

As you settle into your new apartment and feeling good about being on your own, you come to realize something. “My apartment isn’t very big.” While you’re quite happy with your new space and how cozy it is, you can’t help but wish you had a little more room to squeeze out of the place.

We get that.

While we can’t wave a magic wand and increase the room size a la Harry Potter, we can offer a different form of magic to help. The magic of creativity and perhaps even illusion.

Here are 6 ways to make your apartment feel bigger.

1. Use Mirrors

This one is a bit of an old trick. If you hang some mirrors in your home, it’ll give the illusion of your space feeling larger. Why? Mirrors trick your eyes into thinking they’re looking at a larger space with reflection.

2. But It’s My Apartment and My Stuff! Don’t Clutter

If you’re fond of knick knacks, this one may be hard.

In a small space, less is more. If you have clutter, the reverse effect will happen: you’ll feel like your apartment is small and cramped. You’ll have to do away with knick knacks. Even your prized collection of knick knacks. Shot glasses, snow globes, figurines, any and all of them.

We know what you’re thinking, “But it’s my apartment and my stuff! They have to be on display!” You’ll thank us in the long run.

3. Consider Transparent Furniture

This one sounds weird but stay with us.

This falls under the illusion category along with mirrors. Using furniture that’s transparent – like a transparent table and chairs – will help your space appear larger. Why? because it’ll look like nothing is there at all! It’s actually a very neat trick and if you’re a minimalist, it’ll fit right in with your style.

4. Use Lighting and Colors

Another sort of magical effect is lighting. If you light up your space, it’ll give your home a feeling of spaciousness and airiness. Use colors in your home, too. White helps with the airy effect and colors will pop against the white. This will add bright and cheery flair to your apartment.

5. Make Use of Your Walls

This is one I make use of in my apartment. Take a step back and look at your walls. What do you see? If you’re like us, you’ll notice that there’s plenty of storage space opportunities! This is where you can get creative and store things on your walls like your jewelry or your shoe rack, freeing up valuable floor space.

6. Use Curtains

Rather than use doors for cupboard and closet space, consider taking them down and using curtains instead. This will make your apartment feel more open and less closed-off, giving your apartment a whimsical flair.

But don’t stop with the doors.

Consider hanging curtains from the ceiling rather than right in front of your window. It’ll make your ceilings feel taller. You can add to the airiness by using a rod and shower curtain as a room divider, too.

Share With Us

What did you do to help make your apartment feel bigger? Have you used any of these tricks? Do you have a great trick not listed here? Comment and share with us!

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Where to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Fort Wayne

cinco de mayo in fort wayne

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Fort Wayne

Cinco de Mayo, May 5th, commemorates the Mexican army’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla. Here in the U.S., Cinco de Mayo is a day to celebrate the Mexican heritage and a great excuse to fill up on some of the great foods and drinks from the culture.

You don’t have to go far to fiesta, here in Fort Wayne, there are many places to celebrate with food, drinks, and music.

El Azteca

535 E. State Blvd Fort Wayne
El Azteca will open at 11:00 am to start the celebration. The party tent opens at 4:00 with drink specials, music, Zumba demonstrations, their famous el Grito contest, and more!

Salud Tapas ‘N Tequila

5735 Falls Dr, Fort Wayne
Join Salud’s Tapas ‘N Tequila in their Cinco de Mayo Margarita tent for tacos, beer, and margaritas while listening to live music from Soul35! Tent opens at 4:00pm.

JK O’Donnell’s

An Irish pub may seem like a strange place to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, but if you love beer you won’t want to miss JK O’Donnell‘s cinco (5) tap feature with Mad Anthony Brewing, Birdboy Brewing, Trubble Brewing, Junk Ditch Brewing, and Summit City Brewerks.

Dos Margarita’s

4230 N Clinton Street
Don’t miss the fiesta at Dos Margaritas – great food, drinks, and music by Joe Five.

Agaves Mexican Grill

212 E. Washington Center Road
Agaves Mexican Grill will be celebrating with a DJ, games, contests, and of course, food!


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