How to Save Some Dough: How to Lower Your Electric Bill This Winter

The average Hoosier’s electric bill is $115 monthly. Indiana residents have the 22nd highest electric bills. While it could be worse, think of all the extra money you could have in your wallet with a smaller electric bill. 

Now that we’re in the thick of winter, don’t blow all your money trying to heat your home. Check out these tips to lower your electric bill this winter.

1. Insulate Doors and Windows

Renting an apartment is affordable, especially if you implement winter energy saving tips. One of the best tips to save money is insulating your apartment’s doors and windows. For your main apartment door, invest in a door sweep or install a door draft stopper. These items prevent cold air from entering your apartment through any gaps in your door frame. 

If your apartment windows tend to let in cool air, insulate them with plastic coverings. If you don’t want to take the plastic route, heavy curtains can help block cold air. 

2. Lower Your Thermostat

Wondering how to lower electric bill in winter? It’s as simple as lowering your thermostat. 

You can save up to 10 percent on your electricity bills by lowering your thermostat by a few degrees when you are at work or sleeping. When you aren’t home, there’s no need to heat an empty apartment. 

When you do come home to your apartment, challenge yourself to keep the temperature lower than you usually would. Instead, layer up your clothing and use an extra blanket. Your budget will thank you for your sacrifice. 

3. Reverse Ceiling Fans

One solution to how to save on heating bills is to reverse your ceiling fans. 

Did you know that you should be reversing your ceiling fans when the temperatures switch? During the warmer months, your ceiling fan blades should be turning counterclockwise. This direction moves cooler air downwards. 

But in the winter, remember to switch your blades to turn clockwise. Warm air naturally rises, and this movement causes the warm air to return down to your living space. 

4. Unplug, Unplug, Unplug

Look around your apartment for a second. How many appliances and devices do you have plugged in that aren’t currently in use?  Many of those devices still draw power even if they are turned off or in a sleep mode. Taking a few seconds to unplug your devices when they aren’t in use can save you some change on your electric bill. And, the more devices you unplug, the more money you save. 

If unplugging each device sounds like a lot of work, invest in a few power strips. You can then turn one switch off on the power strip and it will prevent all appliances plugged into it to stop drawing power.

The best part about this trick? It saves you money on your electric bill during all seasons! 

Beyond Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill

Now that you know more about helpful ways to lower your electric bill, you can start saving cash this winter. 

You’ll be amazed at all the money you can save by implementing just one or all of these tips. Start small by lowering your thermostat, reversing your ceiling fans and unplugging appliances. Once you’ve adjusted to those changes, consider insulating your apartment’s doors and windows. 

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