Setting Up Your Apartment Before Adopting a New Cat

Adopting a new cat is a wonderful experience for you and your family. These furry little creatures bring so many benefits to our homes, and they’re adorable, too!

We all want to make sure that the kitten is content and safe in their new home. Before it’s time to introduce the cat to your family, it’s good to prepare the apartment for a tiny and curious creature.

Listed below are all of the best adopting a new cat tips that will make the transition seamless!

Block Unsafe Areas

Although the new kitten will sleep around 16 hours a day, they love to get into places that are less than ideal when they’re awake. That’s why it’s important to bar the way into these unsafe rooms until the kitten learns the way of the home.

Places with a lot of cords or breakable objects should be blocked off with gates or closed doors until you’re able to trust the kitten won’t try to play with them.

Prepare Feline Gadgets and Toys

Everyone loves presents and little kittens are no different. When you’ve adopted a new cat, you already know it’s vital to have a good litter box as well as food and water bowls.

Other important items include a variety of different toys to occupy the cat’s time so they always have something to do. A scratching post stops cats from tearing up your furniture and curtains. Treats are also a great thing to have on hand, especially when you’re trying to teach the kitten good behavior.

Remove Hazardous Objects

Endless curiosity resides in every kitten in the world. This includes an interest in things they shouldn’t┬áput into their mouths.

Any tiny odds and ends should be removed from any room in which your new cat has access. Anything with loose strings is another big hazard since cats love to chew on small things like this.

To prevent the potential of choking, keep the kitten away from anything that would fit into its little mouth.

Open up One Room at a Time

Kittens bring a lot of happiness to a household but they can get overwhelmed the first few days in a new home. It’s good to give them ample space and time to explore the home so that they always feel comfortable. Introduce them to each room slowly so that they get the lay of the land before moving on to the next.

If you have children, they’ll want to meet the cat right away but it’s best to hold off a few hours while the kitten finds its way around. There’ll be plenty of adorable bonding moments once the cat feels secure!

Adopting a New Cat Is a Joy for the Whole Family

There’s nothing quite like adopting a new cat. They’ll be a companion for you and your family for many years to come.

Start this new relationship with the tips and tricks and you’ll guarantee that everyone involved gets the best experience as you all learn to live with each other.

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