Small Kitchen, Big in Flavor: 5 Kitchen Appliances That Are Perfect for Apartments

Do you fancy yourself the next Food Network star? Like to pretend you’re on your own version of Chopped? If you live in an apartment with a small kitchen, you might think that you’re relegated to take-out and microwave meals, but not so!

Even small kitchens can benefit from kitchen gadgets, provided you’re strategic about what you buy. Here are 5 kitchen appliances for apartments that will keep you away from the take-out menus and microwaved meals.

1. A Pressure Cooker

It’s time to drink the Instant Pot kool-aid. The new pressure cookers aren’t your old school pressure cooker that you have to use on the stove and watch like a hawk. The 2019 version can cook anything from frozen chicken to eggs to oatmeal to even yogurt.

You can make almost anything in a pressure cooker, making this versatile appliance a must-have for any kitchen, even a tiny one.

2. An Air Fryer

While you’re drinking the Instant Pot kool-aid, you might as well pick up some of the air fryer kool-aid too. An air fryer is a healthier way to make pretty much anything that can be fried (and it can be used instead of your oven too). Chicken wings, tacos, pork chops, frozen snacks. You name it and the air fryer can probably cook it.

You can also use it to reheat foods. It’s quick and easy and keeps your kitchen cool in the dead of summer.

3. An Electric Kettle

An electric kettle is one of those appliances you think you’ll never use but then wonder how you ever lived without it. It’s much quicker than boiling water on the stove, so if you’re a coffee drinker, oatmeal lover, or have a nightly cup of tea, go ahead and add this to your wishlist.

4. A Slow Cooker

Everyone should have a kitchen appliance that you can dump some food into in the morning before work and come home to a delicious smelling home with dinner ready to go. One nice thing about slow cookers is that they come in many different sizes, so pick one that works for you and your space.

High tech ones are even wi-fi enabled, allowing you to turn it off and on from your smartphone.

5. A Hand Mixer

It’s hard to give up your prized stand mixer, but it takes up preciously spare real estate in your cupboards or on your counter. A hand mixer takes up just a fraction of the space and gets the job done. Get one with a little container that attaches underneath to neatly store the cord and the beaters.

Kitchen Appliances for Apartments Doesn’t Mean the Microwave

You could actually get rid of your microwave if you purchase these kitchen appliances for apartments. A pressure cooker and air fryer can do pretty much everything that your microwave does!

Downsizing isn’t always easy, so if you’re looking for more tips and tricks to make the move from a large home to a smaller apartment, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got posts on how to declutter your apartment, how to decorate on a smaller scale, and how to creatively make storage in your bedroom.

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