This Thanksgiving, Don’t Forget The Hungry in our Community

If you are a resident of Montrose Square Apartments, and you’ve been in our office lately, you’ve probably seen the Community Harvest Food Donation Barrel.  The Apartment Association of Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana have chosen the Food Bank as one of our target charities for 2013.  As a group, we’ve donated over 186 pounds of food and money to Community Harvest.  Since the Food Bank gives out over 13 millions pounds of food every year in our area, there is still a need for more, especially with the holiday season upon us.

From their website, here are the types of food items we need to fill our barrel:

Canned Fruits

Canned Vegetables

Pasta of Noodles

Canned tuna

Peanut Butter


Hamburger Helper

Macaroni and Cheese



Boxed Potatoes


Toilet Paper

Baby Diapers



Laundry Detergent





Please, No Glass jars.

The barrel in the office will be picked up the end of this month. Grab something out of your pantry, or bring just a couple of dollars, and add it to our barrel.  Everyone will feel better this Thanksgiving for your contribution, even you.

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