This Valentine’s Day, Fall in Love all Over Again with your Apartment

Remember the excitement you had toward your apartment when you first moved in. Maybe you’ve been there a few years ago, and the romance with your living space needs a little work. Here are a few simple ideas you can do that might help you get back some of those old feelings.

1. Flowers are romantic, and just as you may enjoy receiving flowers from a special someone, your apartment would like it too. Fresh flowers add color and fragrance to your apartment. Fresh flowers can be expensive as well, so consider some fragrant and colorful house plants instead.

2. A painting of a flower hanging on what has been an empty wall can work almost as well as the real thing. Adding some fine art to your décor will add romance and class to your living space.
Head to the thrift stores and garage sales to find frames, even nicely framed art at great prices.

3. Fresh flowers isn’t the only way to put a fresh bouquet into your apartment. there are tons of scents for plug in air fresheners You could switch fragrances every week or so. Before you use cover up scents, make sure you take out the garbage, clean the cat box, and tackle that pile of dirty laundry in the closet. Adding fresh odors, or getting rid of stale ones can help you fall in love all over again with your living space.

4. Change your lighting. Lighting can be decorative, and add a fresh look to your apartment, but it can also give your old place a completely new look. You need brighter lighting in the winter time to help overcome the darkness. , Many people find extra light during the winter will simply make them happier. Proper lighting has another design effect. If makes your rooms look larger. And who doesn’t love larger rooms?

5. Now that you’ve done a few nice things for your apartment, it’s time to sit back and enjoy it. Grab a romantic novel and lock yourself inside and enjoy spending a weekend with your fresher, classier, and brighter apartment. You’ll fall in love with it all over again.
By the way, and good ideas for what book to snuggle up with?

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