The Top Christmas Decorations Ideas to Get Your Apartment Ready for the Holidays

For some of us, Christmas starts the day after Thanksgiving (or the day after Halloween, if you’re feeling really festive). If this sounds like you, you may be on the hunt for the best Christmas decoration ideas.

Decorating an apartment for the holidays can be a little different than decorating a house. You might have to become a bit more resourceful and scale down your decorations just a smidge.

We can help you out with all your decorating idea needs! Below is a guide on how to decorate your apartment for Christmas!

The Best Christmas Decorations Ideas for Your Apartment

There are decorations for everyone, whether you’re searching for over-the-top decorations or something a bit more simple. Deck the halls as much or as little as you’d like with these decorations!

Christmas Tree

A Christmas decorations ideas list would be incomplete without a Christmas tree on it. A tree loaded with decorations or just a strand of lights is the perfect way to bring some Christmas magic into your apartment.

It’s important to note though that due to fire code, live Christmas trees are not allowed in apartments. There are plenty of realistic-looking artificial Christmas trees out there, though! Or, you could get a little adventurous and buy a unique colored one. And, they come in a variety of sizes perfect for apartment living, including tabletop trees or thin trees.

Festive Linens

Swap out your normal bedsheets for ones with a Christmas-themed pattern. If you want to keep things more simple, switch out pillow covers for reds and greens. It’s a subtle way to bring the festivities into your decor without having to add a ton of additional decorations.

Switching out your regular kitchen towels for Christmas-patterned towels is another simple way to bring holiday decor into rooms with less space for large decorations, like the kitchen and they’re useful too!

Adding a Touch of Nature

There are plenty of ways to draw nature into your home during the holidays. Wreaths are a big way to bring the outdoors indoors!

Scented pinecones are also popular at the holidays and they will give your home a cozy, cinnamon smell! Pop them in a basket and set them on your mantle or by the door, and you’re good to go.

If you want to add a pop of color, bring a poinsettia into your apartment. Poinsettias are poisonous to pets so if you have cats and dogs, you may want to skip them!


String lights are an easy thing to hang up everywhere in your apartment. Many apartments feature wide windows in their living room space, which is the perfect place to hang up some twinkly beauties.

This will give your apartment some Christmas flare both from the inside and outside!

‘Tis the Season

When decorating an apartment, you’ll need to account for less space, rules set by your property managers, and sometimes just a lack of inspiration! These Christmas decorations ideas will get you on your way to bringing some holiday joy into your own home this season.

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