Use your Smartphone or Tablet to Re-Design your Apartment

We’re still stuck inside for a few more months of winter, so maybe this is the time to change things up a bit, add some new design, re-arrange the furniture.  Interior design in an apartment can be tricky, but getting the most out of your available space is critical.  Fortunately, there are several phone and tablet applications out there that can help, some even for free.   You may already use some of these or others.


Home Design Interior Space Planning Tool

Would you like to pick the brain of a professional designer like Mark Lewiston for just two bucks?  You can with this app that’s filled with thousands of decorating ideas.


It can be difficult to physically move your furniture around to see if it will fit and how it will look.  Why not use augmented reality instead?  With this app, you take photos of your furniture,  move it virtually around, and see what it will look like before you do the real heavy lifting.   The cost is listed at one dollar.



My Measures and Dimensions

My wife likes to take me to Lowes or Menards to look at things for our home.  Her question is always the same, “Will this fit?”  Without measurements, who knows.  But now we have the”My Measures and Dimension” app.  You take photos of your rooms, and furniture, then add the dimensions.  Now your phone always has the width of your sofa, or the height of your fireplace mantle.  Four bucks.

3D Interior Room Design
Input your floor plans into a 2D grid and watch it come to life. You can then customize wall colors, baseboard moldings, doors, windows, changing the walls to brick, wallpaper, pictures, wall panels, fireplaces, rugs and curtains.  Of course, you can’t really do all of those things in your apartment, but it’s fun to see. I’ve seen this app listed as either free or five dollars, but I couldn’t find it at the Android Play Store, so I’m not even sure if it’s still available.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

This isn’t a layout app. It’s an inspiration app.  The app designers call it the “Wikipedia of interior and exterior design” Houzz, they say has the largest database of home design ideas on the net, with over 1,000,000 high resolution photos. Browse photos by style, room and location and save them to your virtual ideabook

This app is like clipping photos from design magazines, without having to deal with scissors or magazines for that matter.  Free.

Interior Design

Another app similar to Houzz in that its purpose to give you inspiration and ideas.  Users rate it high, and it’s free.

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