What makes a good Fort Wayne apartment community

Putting the “Community” in Apartment Community

how to be a good apartment neighborYou know that living in an apartment community gives you lots of advantages and freedoms such as never having to mow, shovel snow, or paint. Another unexpected benefit can be the sense of community that develops between you and your neighbors when living in such a close area.

Of course, there are the fundamentals of just being a good neighbor: saying hello to one another, cleaning up after your pet, keeping the noise at reasonable levels, saying thank you to the office staff and maintenance workers, and even helping keep common areas litter-free.

Ways to be a good neighbor at your Fort Wayne apartment community

With these extra, but simple steps you can go beyond being just being a good neighbor. Try these to build a stronger sense of community where you live:


  • Get to know your neighbors at events arranged by the apartment community. Most management companies schedule a couple of these a year such as resident appreciation parties.
  • Or go ahead and organize one yourself (running it by the leasing office first, of course). Something like: book clubs, plant swaps in Spring, a potluck dinner, or a monthly game night.
  • Start an online group, or just ask to put up a bulletin board in a common area, to share information on pet/baby sitters, items for sale, job ads, etc.
  • See if others residents want to meet regularly to run, walk or bike the trails.
  • Coordinate regular play dates for parents and kids — or “parents” and their dogs!


Get to know your Montrose Square Apartment neighbors

It’s really not much work to make your apartment community an even better place than it is already. And it’s definitely worth it! Everyone could use a little help now and again: bringing in mail or watering plants when you are gone; borrowing a wine bottle opener or a stick of butter when you are in the middle of a dinner party or in the middle of making cookies. And, everyone could use a familiar face when an emergency arises such as severe weather, neighborhood safety concerns, or family medical issues. You never know when an acquaintance might turn into someone who shares similar interests or even becomes a life-long friend.

Feel even better about your apartment lifestyle — a feeling of community benefits us all!

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