What to Look For in an Apartment: a Short Guide for First-Time Renters

It reaches a point where you no longer have or want to live in your parent’s house.

You now have to choose where to call home – your new home. Choosing your new home can be a daunting process. You have to make a difficult decision considering there are numerous places and factors to consider.

However, you don’t need to get overwhelmed. With a well-formulated plan, it gets easy and fun. As a first time renter, you might not know what to look for in an apartment. Learn the essentials of apartment searching in this short apartment guide.

What to Look for in an Apartment

Are you ready to start looking for your first apartment? This guide will help you know what to look for in an apartment before you embark on apartment shopping.

Set a Budget

When you set your budget, it helps to define your options. The first step is to establish what you can comfortably pay without stretching your budget. To help in setting your budget, allocate 30% of your salary for rent purposes.

It is also essential to know that costs have two aspects. They are divided into short term and long term costs. The former include application fees, initial deposits, and renters insurance. Long term costs are the monthly payments and utility bills.

You will also require some extra cash in your pocket. This will cater for moving expenses and any other unplanned spending that may come up.

Scan Your Neighborhood

Your safety is important. Walkthrough the neighborhood and see the lifestyle of those residing there. Make sure to check the neighborhood life at night as well as during the day. Are there nightclubs and bars around? If yes, will that be comfortable for you, or do you prefer a more peaceful environment?

Also, check for social amenities around the area. Check for clinics, gym, shops, restaurants, and schools. Consider the mode of transportation available and traffic in that area.

Tour the Apartment Community Before Moving

Pay a visit to the apartment community to learn the finer details. Walk around the property. Is this a place that you feel that you could call home?

What Should You Check?

  • Is the property well-kept?
  • Is there ample parking?
  • Is it fairly quiet or noisy?
  • What amenities do they have on-site and nearby?
  • Do you feel safe?

Finding an Apartment

Moving into your new apartment is a rewarding experience. The tips above offer a guide on what to look for in an apartment.

Evaluate your budget, your neighborhood, and tour your soon to be apartment community. Then, you are good to start a more responsible and enjoyable new life.

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