Where in the World you’re from determines what you call an Apartment

Montrose Square ApartmentIn America, apartment is the common name of a rented living unit that occupies part of another building, consisting of a kitchen, bathroom, one or more bedrooms, and, often, a family living area.

While the American term apartment is catching on around the world, people in many English-speaking countries often call their rented homes by another name, a flat.  Even here in the US, the term flat is often used to describe an apartment that’s all on one level.

In Scotland it is often called a tenement, which was the first name for American apartments in large cities.  The name today has a negative connotation because early tenements often had no heat, or running water.  The first tenements were single family homes broken up into private rooms.  The large crush of immigrants entering the country at that time meant renters had few choices about the type of home they could afford or even find for their families.

If you’re from Australia, you probably grew up calling rented housing units a flat, but the term apartment is becoming more common there today. In France, you may hear the term maisonette, or small home, when someone refers to an apartment.

In Russia, a “communal apartment” is a room with a shared kitchen and bath. That’s right, you share your kitchen and bathroom with about five other one room apartment dwellers, sort of college dorm style. (Thanks to wikipedia for the info.  For more, click here.)

Here at Montrose Square Apartments in Fort Wayne, IN, we use conventional American names for our apartments:  Studio, one bedroom, and two bedroom.  Wherever you’re from and whatever name you use, we hope you’ll soon call Montrose Square home.

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