How to be a Winner In January at Montrose Square Apartments in Fort Wayne


If you’re a resident at Montrose Square Apartments in Fort Wayne, IN, then you have likely already received a special gift or treat in your mailbox from us for the holidays, for your birthday, or just because. We love our tenants and nothing is more important to us than letting each of you know just how much we appreciate you — that’s why we’re having a Bingo game run now through January 23, 2015. The Bingo Card you received with your newsletter is probably making more sense now!

10 Single Winners, 1 Cover All winner

Vectors by Freepik

We will draw 10 numbers every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and post them over on our Facebook page, this blog, and the front office door. Make sure you’re checking in with us daily and marking your card. Ten single winners will receive a $10 gift card and one Cover All winner will receive a $25 gift card! If there happens to be more than one Cover All or more than 10 single winners, we will have a quick drawing to select the final winner.

 The Numbers So Far…

Mon. (1.12.15): B10, I16, N43, G47, G57
Tues. (1.13.15): B13,I17,I18,I19, N36, N37, N38, G50,G53,O61
Thurs. (1.15.15): B4, B11, B9, I22, N35, G46, G54, O63, O62, O66
Fri. (1.16.15): B6, B8, B7, B14, N41, G48,G52, O64, O69,O73
Mon. (1.19.15): I21, I26, N32, N40, G51, G56, G58, G59, O65, O75
Tues. (1.20.15):  B3, B5, I23, I29, N39, N44, G55, G60, O67, O70
Thurs. (1.22.15): B1, B15, I25, I27, I28, I30, N42, N45, O71, O74
Fri. (1.23.15): B2, B12, I20, I24, N31, N33, N34, G49, O68, O72

If You Live in the Fort Wayne Area & You’re Not a Montrose Square Apartments Resident

This game is exclusive to the Montrose Square Apartment Residents in Fort Wayne, IN. Get in touch with us if you’d like to become part of our community!

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