Your First Christmas at Montrose Square Apartments

If this is your first Christmas in an apartment, and your first Christmas with a room-mate, or perhaps new spouse or partner, you need to be ready for some compromises when it comes to holiday decorating this year.

First of all, most apartments offer you less space than you may have had back at home.  A smaller tree may be in order.  And while you always preferred the fresh pine smell of a real tree, your room-mate might prefer the convenience of a fake tree.  artificial trees require no water, don’t drop needles all over, and can be simply put back in their box when Christmas is over.  Fortunately, here at Montrose Square, you have plenty of storage space in our floored and lighted attics to keep your artificial tree and all of your holiday decorations.

And, while you may have enough lights and ornaments to cover the tree, allow you room-mate a chance to add some of their own.

Here’s another thing to keep in mind about your room-mate, they may not be Christian.  This doesn’t mean they don’t celebrate the secular holiday, but it might mean you downplay some of the religious meaning of the season in deference to their beliefs.  If you have a Jewish room-mate, leave them some space to celebrate Hanukkah.  In fact, for the first time in 125 years, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah occur on the same day (November 28, 2013.)  This rarely happens, so if you have a Jewish room-mate, talk with them about how they want to commemorate both holidays.  Look at this as a bonus, because now you can celebrate twice as many holidays.

We’d all love to have Christmas just the way we did when we were kids, but that’s not always possible in an apartment.  You can still have a great Christmas, just sit down and talk with your room-mate, spouse, or life partner before you start stringing up the lights.

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