College Apartment Essentials

college apartment essentials

Essentials For Your College Apartment

Going off to college can be both exciting and scary. You’re being thrown into new classes with new people, on a big campus, in which you will probably get lost. Moving out on your own for the first time, can bring even more excitement and worries – from budgeting for your first apartment to finding free moving boxes for all your stuff. Not only do you have to worry about the woes of college, but add new responsibilities to the mix. Fortunately, at Montrose Square Apartments in Fort Wayne, we are here to help take some of the pressure off of your first year of college. If you’re moving into your first apartment, we’ve put together a checklist of everything you’ll need to survive on your own! So print off this checklist, and you’ll soon be ready to CRUSH living on your own.

1. Bedroom Essentials

___ Bed
___ Pillows
___ Comforter
___ Sheets (2 Sets for when you do laundry)
___ Laundry Basket
___ Full Length Mirror
___ Alarm Clock!
___ Storage Bins
___ Lamp
___ Dresser

2. Bathroom Essentials

___ Towels
___ Towel Rack
___ Bath Mat
___ Shower Curtain
___ Daily Toiletries
___ Waste Basket

3. Kitchen Essentials

___ Microwave
___ Coffee Maker
___ Pots and Pans
___ Cookie Sheet
___ Silverware
___ Measuring Cups
___ Strainer (get ready to make lots of Mac & Cheese)
___ Dish Drying Rack
___ Waste Basket
___ FOOD!

4. Living Room Essentials

___ Furniture
___ Television
___ Entertainment Center
___ Coffee Table

5. Cleaning Supplies

___ Toilet Brush
___ Mop/Bucket
___ Broom/Dustpan
___ Vacuum
___ Clorox Wipes
___ Laundry Detergent
___ Fabric Softener
___ Bleach
___ Dish Soap

Apartments Close to Fort Wayne Colleges

Looking for an apartment close to your college? Montrose Square Apartments is located conveniently on the North Side of Fort Wayne, just minutes away from most Fort Wayne campuses, including: IPFW, Ivy Tech, Brown Mackie and more. We also offer student discounts available to most college students! College is going to put plenty of things on your plate. At Montrose Square Apartments, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. Give us a call today at (260) 485-3475 to see how we can help you get settled into an awesome, affordable apartment.

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