Turn Your Apartment Into a Home Office With These Small Office Design Ideas

In the U.S., millions of people routinely work from home, and those numbers are projected to grow in the future, especially now with the COVID-19 shutdowns.

While working from home sounds great, it can leave those in small apartments struggling. How can you build a home office when you don’t have much space to work with? If that struggle sounds familiar, you need some small office ideas and we’re here to help.

Small office design can be just as chic and work-friendly as large, traditional offices and with a bit of creativity, you can turn even a studio apartment into a productive home office space.

Get started with these small home office ideas!

Find a Low-Distraction Desk Space

The biggest challenge in building a small home office is deciding where to put it.
Before thinking about where you might have room, think about where you might have the fewest distractions. For example, the kitchen counter might seem like a good home office space if you pull up a barstool. However, if you have kids coming in and out of the kitchen all day to grab snacks, the distractions might actually make it a terrible workspace.

Consider Multipurpose Furniture

With distractions in mind, you’re ready to choose your desk space. Before you go out and buy a new desk to add to a small apartment, see if there’s anything you have that can do double duty.

For example, maybe your kitchen is hectic, but people rarely sit at the dining table in your home. You can use a corner of that table as a desk, to avoid having to buy something new.

To easily switch furniture from desk use to other uses, consider making your home office semi-portable. Get a tray so you can bring your office essentials to your temporary desk in the morning, then put them away easily when you’re done for the day.

Select a Narrow Desk

If you don’t have existing furniture that’ll work, you can also buy a slim desk that easily tucks up against a wall or behind a sofa.

It doesn’t have to be labeled “desk” — you can use any table or structure that fits. It just needs to fit all of your essential work supplies, and be at a comfortable height to sit at (so a narrow coffee table likely won’t work). You could even install a shelf on a wall to function as your desk!

Loft Your Bed

When you really can’t seem to find any office space, it might be time to loft your bed.

When you raise your bed up, you create a new space underneath it that’s the perfect size for an office. In fact, you can easily fit a desk, a chair, and plenty of storage in the space beneath a loft bed.

Plus, because they’ll occupy different levels, this trick ensures that your bed and your desk still feel like separate areas.

Ready to Try These Small Office Ideas?

Small home office design requires some creativity. However, because it forces you to problem-solve, you might actually appreciate the results even more!

With these small office ideas, you can fit an office into even the tiniest studio apartment. The key is making sure your office feels separate and distraction-free, even though it doesn’t get its own room.

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